Welcome to Reality — or hell, as life is also called.

Look! A dead animal! How dare he! He just dares. It lay in plain sight, for everybody to see, I didn‘t kill it, I just took a photo.

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The tale of the Raven King and the adventures of his son

-eller-  Prinsessen, dronningen og det lille gamle fruentømmeret. © MMXVII Agimar N. Edelgranberget The story that I am going to tell you this time, is a very rare one. I myself was told it some years ago, when I was in Prague.  It was a rainy valpurgisnight and I was spending the time in a…

Das Märchen vom kleinen Jörg, der ein großer Jörg wurde

© MMXX Agimar N. Edelgranberget [Diese Geschichte entstand aus aktuellem Anlass.] *** „Opa?“, fragt Liese sichtlich traurig.  „Ja, Liese, was bekümmert Dich denn?“, sagt Opa. „Heute im Sportunterricht ist was voll Gemeines passiert!“, beginnt Liese, so dass sie sich fast mit der Zunge überschlägt. Opa ist wie immer ganz gelassen. „Sag‘ schon, was ist denn…

Little update on recent events

Sorry ppl, I haven’t been busy on my blog lately. It’s not that there’s nothing to say, I was just a little mute, writing wise – how’d you call that? Fingerfucked? Anyways. So last year started awesome-ish with me dropping out into the Woods and Wilderness of reclusive and rural neverland of backwoods Saxony-Anhalt. I…

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