What is this? A joke?

Who is A.N.E?

Well. If I only knew.

The thing is, I could tell you so much about me and yet you‘d still know nothing about me. Because I only know so much about me. 

Am I how old I am? I am 38.

  • but then… who am I going to be??

Am I my gender? I am male.

  • but seriously, I couldn’t care less. Would I be better off female? Or being none of that? I am a child, I’ll always be one until the day I die.

What am I doing? I have no idea.

  • I am unemployed, yet not uneducated – I simply won’t work anymore. It’s BS anyway, working for others.
  • I am killing time, until I’m dead.
  • I write a lot. And I mean it. A lot.
  • I am pretty much without a home, so I spend my time outdoors much of the time.
  • I love watching more than doing things or humans.
  • I am reading a lot.

Am I insane?

  • Of course I am.

Where am I from?

  • I‘m from Vagina.

Do I have hope? For anyone? On this planet?

  • No.

Am I political? What do you mean?

  • I am an Anarchist, Communist, Satanist, Pessimist, Determinist, Anti-Natalist, but I am also an Eremite.

Do I believe in humans? Well, I am a humanist.

  • That’s why I don’t.

Why do I waste my time with this blog?

  • Why wouldn’t I. Besides, it’s fun watching my work vanish.
  • I always write, so I may forget.
  • I do it for my own pleasure, as well as yours, if you like my work.

Am I known for anything at all? I got some notoriety because of the two books I published myself. These are:

  • „Das Eerste Buch Lydia“, 2010, lim 100.
  • “Kinderlos, Sie Arschloch!“, 2020, lim 75.
  • And, of course my former blog that doesn’t exist anymore.

What are or who are my influences?

  • Hermann Burger, Hans Henrik Jæger, Jon Øystein Flink, Sibylle Berg, Lydia Haider, Linnéa Myhre, Theodor Wiesengrund Adorno, Friedrich Nietzsche, Seneca, Arnar Mykle, Janet Frame, Henrik Ibsen, and many more, literature-wise.
  • Georg Kreisler, Anna Varnay, Jérôme Reuter, lots of Black Metal, thrash metal, and even more music-wise.
  • Edvard Munch, and my tattooist, art-wise. I somewhat like my own art, too.

Do you have anything more to say?

  • Maybe later…

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I am insane.

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