Corona Delusion 21st Century

Agimar N. Edelgranberget

It has come that far: As of today, a facepiece is compulsory in Germany when visiting shops, entering trains and shit. Therefore I created the Anti-Coronator 3k, which, as a matter of fact does not only protect you from SARS CoV 2, but also idiocy.

I was receiving some good laughs at the grocery store – as intended. But mind you: we still know so little about Covid 19 – maybe you can also get infected via your ears!

Not with the Anti-Coronator 3k!

Are you ugly, like me?

No more ugliness in public with the Anti-Coronator 3k!

Are you afraid of camera surveillance?

Try the Anti-Coronator 3k today!

Do you despise those deaf weirdos that read your lips? Go read these lips, you freak!

Veröffentlicht von Agimar N. Edelgranberget

I am insane.

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