Since I noticed that a lot of people from non-german-speaking countries visited my page, something I am somewhat intrigued by, this short note for all english speaking visitors.

I beg you to forgive me. This site is a hell of a shitload of work, but I am working on it. I actually have got a lot of poems and short stories, as well as fairy tales in english. 

Here‘s the thing: They all were perfect once. That‘s because after writing them, I redacted, corrected and updated them on my last blog that disappeared. That was in 2017 and a big mistake. Now I have to review practically all of my old stories, and I do fear they might not turn out as perfect as they once were. 

Please be patient, time and effort will change the pages appearance, got some learning curve there, and the stories will come.

Secondly, I am also stuck in fuckin‘ Germany. For circumstanced that lie beyond me I can‘t even access the storage locker all my shit is in. I just love the „new normal“ all this corona-induced fascism brought. Not to speak of all that fascism that was there before that.

But I promise to do what was one of the last things I announced on my last blog: „Das Eerste Buch Lydia“ in english, as soon as I have access to it. I might also consider to translate all of my short stories in english, but that sounds like even more work.

So long, carpe diem et noctem, A.N.E.

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I am insane.

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