Reflections on Corona Times

First of all, I want to emphasize, that we indeed still know very little about SARS CoV 2. After four months into the play. On my bill priority #1 should be to shed some light into that darkness.

On the other hand we already have a lot of information accessible. I refrain from revealing any sources, because I believe everybody who is interested in Covid 19 can obtain these pieces of information on their own, and I want to make clear, that what I am talking about is my humble opinion. It’s worth nothing, sources or no sources.

From what I understand, some circumstances seem to be true:

  • apparently (healthy, not predisposed) children seem to be rather unaffected by SARS CoV 2. They both seem not to get sick and, apparently don’t even spread the virus. Correct me if I’m wrong.
  • apparently the elderly, especially male, 50 years or older, seem to be the most affected target group. In any country that you can access mortality information, most people who die of Covid 19 are 80 years or older.
  • People who are predisposed with pulmonary afflictions or immune system deficiencies are likely to develop more serious sicknesses, regardless of their age.
  • apparently you’re immune to SARS CoV 2 after an infection, although the WHO’s head psychopath states that “we don’t know for sure”. On my bill, that‘s one of the most stupid comments I ever heard. If you won‘t get immune after an infection — what sense would it make to develop a vaccine? Works the same way.
  • Where ever there have been done mass screenings, the actual lethality seems to be quite low.

Now to my reflections.

Therefore I need to go a little astray. I will mostly regard circumstances in Germany, because that’s where I have to rot right now. I don’t care what others do, because “look, the others do the same BS!” doesn’t make it right. It might be easily transferable, through.

When I was a child, we had state monopolies, such as telecommunication, the post, the health system, public transport and so on. This was for the reason that the past had shown what happens when you let entrepreneurs run the show on a capitalist background. After the downfall of a socialist counterpart (which was enforced by western capitalism, it was their agenda to bleed ‘em out – read a history book!), in form of an alternative way of life (I surely don’t want to say that everything was great!), there was no need for capitalism to even pretend to be nice any longer. So regardless of the very basic needs of any human being on this planet, state monopolies, which were costly, no question about that, went on the garbage dump. They were privatized. A money printing machine for anyone with the corresponding wallet.

This is why, not only the health system, went into the capitalist downward spiral of maximizing profits. This led to the erosion of our health system.

Now politicians in Germany state that goal #1 is to prevent the health care system from imploding. Yeah, right. Now, where did that come from.

Another excursion I want to make is the “philosophical” background of our glorious western world. Not only is it a deeply enanchored mindset that competition at any cost is the best way to go, heartlessly ignoring that for every winner, there is at least one loser – even better: it’s the loser’s own fault, because he didn’t put enough effort into his or her approach. No, vitality is the highest value in society. Hermann Burger called this “Vitalexhibitionismus” – vitality exhibitionism. That means nothing less that health and showing off one’s health is common sense.

To translate this: in our western world, the sick, the depraved, the unsuccessful (funny: the Frankfurt School identified the biggest crime in western society to be bankruptcy…), the losers, the misfits, the victims, just everything that doesn’t fit into the box is wrong by nature and must be avoided and shunned like the pest.

Another central cogwheel of our western society is hypocrisy. It is just fair to lie to anyone, it’s a sport to exploit the naïveté of anybody for your own profit, just don’t play the game all too obvious and make sure your lies are convincing enough.

It is, for example absolutely without any alternative that people have to die in traffic. Every year, thousands of people. We need to export weapons that kill other people elsewhere because of our GDP. We need to exploit natures goods for profit, because you know, profit. We need to greenhousegas us all, because of profit. I could go on and on with that but you understand what I mean.

Now back to business. On my bill, since the end of the Warsaw Pact and 9/11 “liberal fascism” is on the rise. 9/11 was especially important because it marked the beginning of a new aeon. People seem not to notice that fascism is on the rise, like the frog in the pot, fascism comes in homeopathic doses. 

Civil rights are eroding ever since, and life in the western world becomes more and more totalitarian, in ever so tiny steps at a time.

Common to all this is the following: How to terrorize a vitality exhibitionist? How to make him so afraid, he starts crying for a strong man’s arm? Just tell him his health is endangered.

Now I know for a fact, that most people are dumb as fuck. It’s not their fault. They are being educated to be idiots, to be unable to think for themselves. This is why I am now going to tell you one key thing about life:


Whenever somebody tells you that this or that is a danger to your life and that you might easily die, raise an eyebrow. 

I understand that there are people out there that just stick to their life like dogshit on a boot. Okay. That’s fair.

But what doesn’t make any sense to me is that because something might be hazardous it craves prohibitions. 

Shouldn’t it be up to anyone’s own free decision what he or her want’s to do with his or her body or life?

Mind you: it’s an illusion to think you are invincible or immortal. You might not die of lung cancer because you are not smoking. But maybe of diabetes? A car accident? You don’t choose. You cope.

I am a humanist. I am an Anarchist. I believe that we could make a change. But I am also a determinist. There are things we cannot change. But I believe the real tragedy is that people obey. They do everything they are told, because it’s easy. That god damn responsibility: let’s get rid of it.

Back to the beginning: SARS CoV 2

What I observe, is that people now that they are momentarily not afraid of Islam or climate change they are afraid of Covid 19 instead. A fascist’s wet dream.

I do not say SARS CoV 2 wasn’t real. It is. But how to cope with that should be up to the citizen.

If you are predisposed – why don’t you start being responsible for yourself and distance yourself socially on your own? Do you really need a fat politician to tell you that everybody has to?

I hate people, I always do social distancing. Okay, I’m insane, good point.

Can you keep a distance to other people on your own, say 1,5 to 2 meters or do you need laws?

What politicians, on behalf of psychopathic Doctors, suggest is that we kill civil rights, that we kill our economy, our cultural life, our social life for as long as SARS Cov 2 is around. Until there is a remedy, a vaccine. When will that be, exactly?

In Germany they talk about the reproduction numbers and how to keep them low. But how should the population get immunized if nobody will be infected? They don’t and the game can be played indefinitely.

Now, what do you think how many people world wide are going to die excess-mortality-wise, not because of Covid 19 but because of the idiotic measures our politicians demand? You don’t know? 

What happens if there is no food for the people? The result, when people have nothing to eat is civil war.

What happened every time after serious worldwide economic crises? Right, war.

People are going to die either way, be it because of SARS Cov 2 OR because of how we are dealing with it.

What I find remarkable, too, is that after the financial crises of 2008, trillions of dollars have been pumped into the economy, debts rose. Money was printed. Who pays the bill? The next generations. But whenever one asks, hey, we could need some money for, say the unconditional basic income the answer is: sorry — too expensive.

Same shit now. The debts are used to keep the system running, not to change a thing.

I for my part want to die in freedom. In dignity. And that is something my own government denies me access to. I want barbiturates, they say no. Although our highest courts and our constitution grant me that right. I find that great.

And if all of that wasn’t enough, I have to live amongst idiots, who let themselves convince that “public health” i.e. healthy slaves free for exploitation, justifies drastic measures. What about multi-resistant germs? What has been done about them? What about poverty, hunger, homelessness, war, overpopulation, climate change – that will kill us all?

To come to some more immediate effects:

  • Children and women are exposed to domestic violence! Great!
  • Women can‘t get an abortion.
  • Children can‘t go to school, but will have to succeed on the free market later on. Great!
  • In Germany alone ten thousands of businesses will go bankrupt. Great!
  • Debts will rise extremely and guess who will have to pay? Profits are privatized, losses socialized.
  • Mental problems on the rise.
  • Important medical treatment postponed.
  • Freedom of movement impaired.
  • Parliaments short circuited.
  • Unemployment skyrocketing…

Right, but Covid 19 is a problem. Sounds more like a solution to me.

Carpe diem et noctem, A.N.E.

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I am insane.

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