A very short story about an even shorter fuse

© MMXVII A. N. Edelgranberget 

A tall creature and a small figure are talking to each other, but suddenly something seems to go wrong, because eventually only one of them keeps talking on, while the other one gazes in smouldering annoyance:

Reconsider this: a lot of people live happily without a god!

Ok, I hear you saying: how about you reconsidering that there are a lot of people living happily WITH a God!!!

Yeah, and then I’d say: so are a lot of people using addictive drugs, too. And – you know – you don’t grant ‘em that either, do you?

But, so you’d moan: there sure is a difference between addictive drugs and religion…

Well, and I’d reply: yeah, absolutely – only voracious assholes sell the first one to children, whereas the latter’s salesmen are saints.

And then you’d have enough – ah, just like this, and now I have my peace again. Yes, yes.

Heisann, hvor er Nemi-bladet mitt??? 

…Din føkkings jævel!!! 


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I am insane.

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