I’m worried…

Although the picture above is old, very old, it depicts quite well how I am feeling right now. Because maybe I just sawed off the legs of the stool I’m sitting on.

I got traffic on my site, that’s great and I’m happy about and thankful for that. A big “thank you” to everybody visiting my site. Means a lot to me.

Now, why am I worried then. Because I got traffic from China. Only three visits – but wtf.

The only explanation I have is that this happened because of the Anti-Coronator 3k and my reflections on corona times, as well as the tags Sars Cov 2 and Covid 19. It might turn out that these visits were a plain formality, and my page was assessed and deemed inappropriate for chinese audience – and that’s it. I’d be happy about that.

Mind you, I am a guy that is used to getting silenced. I can cope with that although it’s not super easy. I have lost so much in my life and losing sucks every single time.

But: now that China is on the map, I am forced to talk about it. I don’t know, maybe this will be one of my last posts and I will see the next blog getting lost. As it is, so be it, – said the Process Church of the Final Judgment.

First things first: China is not my business. In fact, it’s a sport in Germany to point the finger at China saying: look how totalitarian they are! Look how they are suppressing free speech! Look here look there but please don’t look at how things work out in Germany!

What Germans tend to forget, is that the very country with the most active censorship in the world, right after China is Germany. Even the index is on the index here. A fuckin’ lot is wrong with Germany. So let’s point fingers.

But I’m worried, right. And if I already made a mistake, I can as well make the same mistake again, this time big time, so that my blog vanishes asap, before I put even more work into it.

Dear China (meaning chinese authorities, not necessarily the people, although there may be people out there who approve of how the country is run),

basically we are on the same side. I am a leftist. I do, however not agree with everything. I, in fact, own Mao’s little red book, although I must confess I haven’t read it entirely. And, corona-fascism-wise I can’t even access it. If that ain’t irony.

I do strongly approve of how you coped with the outbreak of Covid 19 – accepting that the system was totalitarian before, and the measures taken were ready to use. Like plug and play. You tried your best. I do strongly disagree with anybody who talks headlessly about the ‘china-virus’.  Our german epidemiologist #1 stated he didn’t believe it were bats or pangolins but raccoon dogs that were the source. What ever! I despise that flying fuck. They are being bred to feed markets abroad. For capitalists and profit. China, although originator of the great silk road, didn’t invent globalism. Whenever somebody says: but China is so intransparent! Then what? Like “glasnost” or transparency is what we practice. In fact I noticed that in the west, there is a phenomenon that I call ‘triviality by revelation’ – meaning that you reveal problems only to make people accept that shit. Like, look that’s a problem. People clap and laugh and say: Ha!, I always knew, then they just shrug and go on as if nothing had happened. So much about that.

I am an anarchistic communist – so you will never see me approve of how chinese authorities run their country. But it’s nunma. It’s something chinese people have to deal with on their own. Besides, what is my business is Europe. What is my business is Germany.

I do understand that chinese authorities have to deal with billions of people. That IS a challenge. More people always mean more rules. I regard China highly for its former one child policy. That is pure humanism and the primate of science to me.

Because I will, if I may, blog my book ‘Kinderlos, Sie Arschloch!’ (Childless, asshole!) where I comment on the Uigurs, I will make things clear right here, right now. Because I am german – and I HATE Germany, I commented on concentration camps and how Himmler didn’t make a difference between children and adults in concentration camps, I then used China’s  paradigm of dealing with the Uigurs. I don’t approve of concentration camps, to make that clear. I don’t approve of Islam either, that’s because I am an Atheist. I do, however NOT think, that Islam was or is a problem in Europe. To me Islam is harmless. Christianity is our burden #1 and must be defeated – by peaceful means of humanitarian arguments.

But: It’s a fact that Islam is totalitarian by nature (although I perfectly know, that in Europe, when Islam was running states, see Spain etc., they were quite liberal and science aficionados. More liberal than Christianity, that is). I perfectly understand how China doesn’t approve of that. You will have a subculture, that, if you immerse into the logic of stalinism or maoism, will pose a threat to the system. Now, what I approve of, is that China does not kill the Uigurs (not always, though), but tries to reeducate them. Fuck the grown-ups, that won’t lead anywhere, I think. But brainwashing children – and children are ALWAYS BEING BRAINWASHED, even here in Europe, is therefore not the worst idea, because in the end, they will turn out to be 100% chinese. I can understand that. I don’t necessarily approve of it. And them being muslims – that better or worse or just the same? 

I also love China for its parody of capital Capitalism. Because China actually learned from the CCCP, from Lenin, they soon noticed that if you combine Capitalism with Authoritarianism, the outcome is just plain awesome. Combine that with Confucius, i.e. ‘plagiarism’ – and I don’t see anything wrong with that, because good ideas are worth sharing, fuck copyright!, it’s BS – in this world we own shit, and you got the ‘Eierlegende Wollmilchsau’ (I can’t translate that, it’s a german idiom, it’s like cold fusion, though).

One must not forget, that we in the west are not the only people on this planet who crave a decent life. 

China pollutes? So good we never did or do!

China is the factory of the world. Never forget that. We are nothing w/o China.

Last but not least, as you may have guessed I do not approve of Uncle Sam either. I do think that Sam needs an alternative. China will be that alternative. We don’t choose, we cope. Hegemony sucks. And it’s good, now that there is no CCCP any more, that we have China. 

China is around in the seas. But guess who has their battleships everywhere. Right. Not China. Guess who wants to claim resources. Yeah, China alone. Sam would never wage war.

Conclusion: I do not approve of totalitarianism. Be it right wing, left wing or liberal fascism. I want people to be farmers, basically. Educated, self sufficient, responsible Humanists. I neither approve of China, nor the west. But here’s the catch: I am a pedagogue: I know that you have to educate yourself first, if you want to change something.

Anyways. Bomb my blog or let it be. 

Carpe diem et noctem, A.N.E.

P.S.: I will make chinese authorities the following offer: Get me a trainticket to China and kill me (last flight 2017). That would be nice. But please don’t hack my blog.

P.P.S.: I should have made that clear earlier: I use © A.N.E. for fun. Like I care about copyright, like I want to make money off of that. Like when my words are in your brain, it’s my copyright.

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