Ode to the holy, splendid cunt



I adore you, I kneel before you!

You, the source and well of life!


I used to wear you around my neck,

Shiny, rosy-white, like a medal of honour,

Slimy, reddish, curly hair — I wore you around my neck,


My first impressions were build upon being choked by a cunt,

Cold, loud, glary, eerie world and two ghosts are screaming,

In the night… The others hold the vomit back…

Perineal torn asshole/cunt, Shoahcount!

Two-faced tramp…

In a certain kind of epiphany I am stuck:

We naked apes are neither fountains of gold,

Nor our odourous metabolisms ugly, yet fulfilling, face –  

We are the divinest spawn in the middle…

I need to get out of this, what the hell,

I do not enjoy this bloodswollen-shitty smell!

Get me out of that cuntesshole! Already?

Now, fica:

I kneel before you, on a personal vendetta,

Cock risen, your master’s hammer,

I shall fuck you, I will pay you back…

You, rotten, backstabbing, filthy cunt!

Veröffentlicht von Agimar N. Edelgranberget

I am insane.

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