Now as before? What should and what will happen after Corona

Before I go on posting my harmless stories and poems for the purpose of entertaining, I want to use my time in a more useful way — to create some unrest and disobedience.

Corona times will go over. I don‘t know when, but I am not optimistic that it will be soon. The question is: what will come after.

Usually I am pretty darn good in predicting the future. That‘s simply because I am aware of some basic principles that run reality. 

The first principle is: Nothing ever changes, if it does at all, then very, very slowly. 

The second principle is the principle of reoccurrence, in a Hegelian, dialectic way.

The third and one of the most powerful is the force of the past. Future is nothing more than the past working out. Most people think the past didn’t exist any more, that it had gone by, that it had vanished. For logical reasons, this can’t be true.

To me, as a pessimistic determinist, this has always worked out. That doesn’t mean though, that change was impossible. It’s just unlikely. To be more precise: change does not mean relabeling. Red is the new brown, green the new white, and so on. Look! It’s got a green label doesn’t make capitalism green. Change is a substantial difference between what was, is and will be. Also, progress or evolution is not necessarily change, it’s just the logical outcome of things or ideas developing – mostly it’s the “same shit in green”, as we say in Germany.

What I will do is to describe what I expect what is going to happen first, and secondly what I think what should happen. Bad news first, good news afterwards.

Because the past is alive, and doing quite well the following seems obvious to me:

As soon as all those very, very important measures (“restrictions”) that have been posed upon us to prevent us from getting sick (at least of Covid 19) will fall, everything will go on as if nothing had happened. At least in part. Because I cannot imagine, that all of those fascistic restrictions will just perish as if nothing had happened. I need to explain, that even when governments announce that some of the restrictions will be lifted soon, they will be taken back in no time, because there will be a second, probably a third wave. It’s just natural, and don’t forget the different time and space axes that will play out.

First of all, public veiling of the face will be forbidden again. It’s just so hard for video surveillance to make out who’s who.

Since people have gotten used to refrain from using cash, they will keep that. Nice side effect: Money flow can be better observed.

People will be terrorized again. I don’t know what it will be, be it Islam again or what ever. Maybe SARS CoV 2 can be reused and kept warm, as to make people obey. But people will have to live in fear, because that way they are easier being kept under control.

I suppose freedom of movement will remain impaired. There will be some new form of identification to keep the masses from moving too much, elites not affected. In Germany there is already a discussion about an ID stating that you already went through a SARS CoV 2 infection. What’s next? Health can’t be an indicator of rights. And of course, which diplomat or politician will have to prove he’s healthy enough to travel? But maybe none of that will be necessary, because a lot of airlines will go bankrupt, travel-agencies, too, so there will be more demand than offers, combined with low wages and unemployment it probably won’t be affordable for everyone anymore.

Since a lot of people will be w/o work or underemployed and prices will go up, there will be some sort of amplified inequality.

Economy has been hit hard and is already crying for cash. Since they are well connected to our parliaments a lot of newly printed money will flow into their pockets. It’s obvious to me that because all those restrictions that hit the economy were deliberately imposed on businesses, they will sue. They will, in chambers where no press agent sits, extort money from the governments, because they were the reason they had losses in the first place.

Debts will rise, so will taxes. Again, who has little already will be most affected, who has a lot will evade them.

Banks will smile, because of interest rates rising. Should they get into trouble, it‘s the taxpayers duty to save the stock holders.

Corporations will benefit from structural programs, f.e. in Germany the automobile industry. People will be convinced to buy a new car from tax money. 

Climate change still won’t be addressed, because we will have “more important” immediate economical issues.

Overpopulation – although so many people will have died of Covid 19 – still won’t be addressed, on the contrary I expect populations to rise. This is because people had nothing to do, so they fuck, plus abortions were impeded.

The internet will become even more restricted, because people will be somewhat unhappy.

Press will come under further pressure from politics.

Immigration will become a serious problem, because of inequality and poverty, as well as ongoing wars and climate change. This will be used to make people afraid and play them against each other. 

More rules, more police, more fascism.

I am sure, that the singularity will come this decade. That sounds utopian, and it might as well be – but will turn out dystopian. Already, remember facebook’s accidents, we code more than we actually understand. Algorithms already invented their own language, talking to each other and nobody had a clue what was going on, the only solution was to draw the plug. If we ain’t a role model an intelligence far, far more capable than ours, can identify with, no asimovian law will keep it from getting rid of us. But the more immediate use of that will be, and probably already is, that it becomes a tool to suppress the masses.

The cold fusion will come, probably in connection with the singularity. Again, could be utopian, will turn out dystopian – see the atom bomb. It was marketed as “unlimited, free energy for all”. Oh, look, turned out to be an awesome weapon that doesn’t even need to be used to frighten the masses.

So much for now, I will think more about that.

Now the good news, what I think should be done:

People become more disobedient. They cry for the unconditional basic income, because, as always, a lot of money is available, just not for everybody. It IS possible. I don’t see why anybody would need billions of dollars on his bank account, more money that he could ever spend, even if he had ten lives to live. Often times I hear that it wouldn’t work because it was too expensive or it would discriminate those, who need more than that, like people with disabilities. That’s on my bill utter BS. People with special needs won’t vanish because there is a basic income. They will still need assistance. I promise you, they would get it. Be it because it has to be or because, look, somebody, now that he doesn’t necessarily have to work in a mine to make ends meet, decides to do something useful with his time. People are not assholes by nature. They are made to be assholes. They are forced to be heartless. People are productive. You don’t believe me? Don’t you remember how annoying it was to sit at home, doing nothing or netflixing your life away during corona times?

There needs to be a right to have a home. It’s just one of the basic needs just about everyone has. It’s not acceptable that people with money can just exploit that need.

In theory we also have enough food for everybody. Food cannot be wasted any longer. Of course, human reproduction must be limited, because food security usually leads to population growth. 

We already have less work available than we have workers. Digitalization and robotization will further enforce that. 

I cannot emphasize enough that I do not propose laws that say: You may breed, but you’re not allowed to. No. What I propose is education. There are countless reasons why you can’t fuck for fucks sake. See also: “Kinderlos, Sie Arschloch!”

Climate change must be addressed. We simply cannot go on like before. A key factor, again, is decreasing population. Not by killing people but by making them understand the consequences.

We need to get rid of individual private transport, it was BS from the beginning. We need to get rid of fossile fuels. Of course we absolutely need cooling factors, because ridding us of fossile fuels won’t do the trick on it’s own.

We must radically change economy. Not only pollution-wise, but in just every sense. Hans Henrik Jæger, in his 1905 book “Anarkiets Bibel” – which was almost instantly forbidden, supposed that we’d come to a point, where we’d produce so much, there’s enough for everybody, and because of overproduction, prices would be so low, everybody would have access to all that, he called that “den store haugen”, the big pile of goods. He was contemplating on the intrinsic mechanics of capitalism and how it would cross itself out. What didn’t cross his mind, because it’s just so incredibly stupid, was that capitalism would rather destroy much or most of the products and produce simply to keep prices and demand up. Wtf. To give a more immediate example, look at oil prices. Since you can’t just turn off an oil well, and reservoirs are full already, I suppose they will just burn that annoying excess oil.

We need equality. Equality for everybody. We are all humans on this planet, not just the global 1%ers.

We need to re-evaluate what we expect from life. What we are doing now has nothing to do with living, it’s all about dying for other, more privileged people.

We need to get rid of countries/nations. As of now, global problems affect all of us on this planet. SARS CoV 2 or climate change are just two examples. I suppose the best way would be a federal solution. Problems that can be solved locally have to remain locally. The individual and communities need as much freedom as possible in their decisions. Where they can’t, because it affects more than just the community, it’s the next instance’s business. And so on. I cannot emphasize enough, that power from the base, not the ivory tower does the trick. Anyway, that’s very old ideas that still haven’t been implemented.

We need better education and a primate of science. What is evident needs to be dealt with on a scientific basis, not on feelings, resentments, religion or whatnot. Eduction can’t have the purpose of producing slaves that are easy to handle.

We need to rid us of lying to each other, of exploiting each other and of killing each other for personal gains. That doesn’t mean there will be no more murder or crime or rape and so on. We have to find a way to deal with this, in regarding the victims as well as the perpetrators. Perpetrators are humans, too. Let’s make sure they can live in dignity nonetheless. I mean what have jails solved? Nothing. There might be better solutions, and I am not talking about killing people.

So much for now to my utopian ideas. I will update both the dystopian and utopian visions.

Carpe diem et noctem, A.N.E.

Veröffentlicht von Agimar N. Edelgranberget

I am insane.

3 Kommentare zu „Now as before? What should and what will happen after Corona

  1. In the last days, the situation has not improved at all. Although some masks went on, also a lot of masks came down. Especially regarding politics.
    Politicians in Germany say, amongst other deeply worrying statements, people needed clear orders, otherwise they‘d be confused. I mean that‘s everything but democracy. That‘s everything but the mature voter or adult.
    Sadly, what people will do, next time there are elections (if), they will in sheer frustration vote for the AfD, making situations even worse.
    What also is puzzling to me, is how mainstream media in Germany reacted to these times. The wording and framing are horrible. First of all the more than ubiquitous use of the word ‚crisis‘. Everything is a crisis, nowadays. But instead of criticizing politicians for their measures taken, they obey. Although, every now and then explaining the situation and its implications quite well, some statements are just brain-frying. Lately federalism was framed „a curse“. Yeah, it‘s the dictator‘s curse.
    Media used to be or should be the fourth power — not a shady tool for politicians to spread their obnoxious lies. There should be plurality in opinions, not a single truth that is repeated over and over again as to make dumb people believe that, the more often they hear it.

    Anyways, it‘s glorious times we live in.

  2. Update:
    One is hearing about (very few) incidents of children being infected with a mysterious disease, which might be corona induced, but that remains to be seen. Again, we don‘t know.

    Apparently the idea of an identification proving one‘s immunity to SARS Cov 2 is no longer pursued by german politicians (because illicit) — only to be followed by new ideas by members of the same party to link access to restaurants, cinemas and other cultural activities to the use of a non-compulsory tracking app to make ppl use it. Lol.

    So lately, a lot of demonstrations have taken place, not in favor of politics. To make that clear, I don‘t demonstrate, because it doesn’t lead anywhere, I got social anxiety and I hate the pigs. So what happened is that now a lot of talk about „conspiracy theories“ as well as right wing activism and „antisemitism“ is in the media, accusing those demonstrators to demonstrate alongside these despicable individuals. Well, as far as I know, the constitution doesn’t discriminate, media does. I don‘t see why conspiracy theories are wrong per se, they have a kernel of truth in them, otherwise they wouldn’t work. For example, it‘s a conspiracy theory, to believe that people in Germany would be forced to be vaccinated, because politicians stated, obviously, that this was not there plan. Like politicians aren’t compulsive liars. In fact, it‘s compulsory to vaccinate children against measles and so on, in kindergarten or elementary school, otherwise that‘s a €2k fine. Well, I am pro vaccination, because it helps. But that doesn’t mean it‘s ok to force people. Oh, right, it‘s just so damn expensive to educate them. Also, who gets their children vaccinated protects them from the distinct virus, so…
    Anyways, conspiracy theories only work because politicians lie or bend the truth, because there are state secrets and intelligence services. If one was opening up about what’s being done, there would be no need for conspiracy theories.

    Anyways, our media produces a lot of double-bind news and also „facts“ that are basically not proven at all. For example, it has turned out, that there might have been cases of Covid 19 dating back to october in France. Also some military game in china might have been spreading the virus. Still media caims the virus was from Wuhan and it‘s food market. We don‘t know. They also, when it comes to „experts“ have a strange approach as to whom they deem to be an „expert“ and only accepting one truth, as if there was any.
    So media makes opinions, rather than allowing people to forge their own opinion, and that‘s sad.

    Anyways, let‘s see what’s up next.

    1. As of today our Minister of Health is returning to his idea of an identification, wanting the ethics counsel to find a solution for his unethical idea. I mean this guy needs to be removed peacefully from office. He just ignores the constitution and our courts on a criminally insane basis. Without them, his own identity would be under pressure, though. And he has ambitions, wants to become chancellor…
      (But that is common practice in the Criminal Demagogues‘ Union. Our Minister of transport and digital infrastructure is a criminal, our former minister of defence is a criminal, but she was taken off the frontline before it got too hot and even promoted to the head of the commission of the EU. Just awesome).
      If anyone still claims the idea of fascism returning to germany was conspiracy theory – open your eyes. Politicians in Germany constantly try to move the borders from what’s unacceptable to what needs to be done.
      In an austrian paper I read an article about how the austrian government was ignoring all experts, in their corona councils, who would say anything that was not in favor of repressive measures – regardless of the obvious outcomes. I don’t see why anything else would be the case in Germany…

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