Happy May 8th, everybody!

Yeah!, 75 years ago, WWII ended. Or did it?

At least in Europe and Germany. Because one of the biggest lies, western-propaganda-wise, is that WWII had ever ended. As far as I know, it never did. There was peace in Europe again, that’s somewhat true. But war wouldn’t end, it just transformed into a swarm of locusts hopping from one place to another. See Corea, Vietnam, the Cold War, Gulf wars, and so on and so forth. And not even the Cold war ended. See Cuba, Venezuela and the ring of rockets around Russia. Always involved: NATO…

Anyways, that’s my crazy worldview. I want to talk about something else. May 8th and Germany, the FRG – 75 years into the show.

So today we celebrate the end of the IIIrd Reich. And rightfully so – only it’s something we Germans did almost nothing for, regarding the downfall of this dictatorship. It’s not our achievement.

So what’s puzzling me is that we also, regarding german politics, have not yet achieved anything substantial to prevent something similar from happening again. On the contrary.

This is especially sad, because lots of people, astonishingly for the most part in the past, have been banging their heads against walls to try to achieve this.

The Frankfurt School, Benjamin, Adorno, Horkheimer and to same degree even Habermas. The Red Army Fraction – who even raised arms (they killed, f.e. the until then “denazified” Hanns Martin Schleyer, former SS and NSDAP member, later using his connections from back then to become head of the Employers Association, had to kill him because the FRG wouldn’t respond to “terrorists” demands [puzzling again: neither does our government listen to armed people, nor do they listen to unarmed people, they let loose their police-dogs to baton ‘em silent] — and then naming a concert hall, until this very day, after this fine man Hanns Martin Schleyer…).

There were Améry, Ahrend, Celan and so on.

Lots and lots of leftist activists, back in the sixties and seventies tried their best to fight for justice, equality, democracy and civil rights, to no avail. Some of them even have been corrupted and now work for the establishment…

So where do we stand today? Should we celebrate? Should we celebrate, when Jews are being attacked or killed again? See the Halle shooting, only being one example. Should we celebrate when Jews are being discriminated against, still? Please don’t get me wrong. I am a so called leftist Anti-Semite. Not that I was an Anti-Semite at all, but that’s what I would be framed. It’s actually a completely absurd assumption. I am against Religions of all sorts, because I’m a Humanist. I am against all Nations, Israel included, because I’m an Anarchist. And when Benjamin wrote: There are no documents of culture (or civilization), without them being documents of barbarism – he wouldn’t exclude Judaism, why would he.

But that doesn’t make violence or discrimination right. And I don’t see why Judaism would be a problem in the first place. It’s really so few people, being very exclusive in their demeanor. Why or how would Jews dominate the world. That’s utter nonsense.

Our problems are Politics and Journalism, as well as christian hypocrisy. Why? Not only the Jews are being discriminated against, but they are in german media all the time. It’s an obsession. Islam is in the media all the times, suggesting there was a problem. Christianity is in the media, but you know, it’s our cultural background, and apart from child abuse every now and then, just so incredibly useful and beautiful. In 2017, Germany celebrated the Year of Martin Luther – a glowing Anti-Semite, sexist and Anti-people-with-disablities-nut – but who cares, right! People of color are being discriminated against. Refugees (look, it’s called Gathering & Departure facilities, now! In the south, not in the east!) women, children and poor people in general.

What have we achieved? 

In fact, german politics has achieved the unthinkable: we are almost there, where we have been 87 years ago. Lately, with her politics of “no alternatives” Merkel provoked Lucke’s Alternative for Germany, because there always are alternatives, not necessarily better ones, that’s obvious. Now the AfD has become a worrying right wing party, gaining more and more political power.

As Améry pointed out, some fifty years ago or so, the actual money supporting the NSDAP from the start, came from german Industry and rich conservatives. Now you can bet your white ass, that the more our government will promote its perverted joke of a green new deal, which won’t suffice by any means – the more money from industry and corporations will flow into the pockets of the AfD. Because the setting, now as back then, allows it – if that isn’t clear. And don’t forget, until he bit on that capsule, Himmler was sure to become the next chancellor, fighting Communism for the Allies.

We still practice a school system that has its roots in the 19th century, producing the same brainless idiots that would vote for Hitler 87 years ago and that separates people from each other.

Injustice/inequality [see Seneca: the most important aspect of justice is equality] has increased over the past two or three decades.

Politics become more and more oppressive.

Our Democracy and Pluralism is nothing but a farce, a façade. 

Our glorious European Project is being eroded by politics and media, borders are closed, police are everywhere.

Do we have anything to celebrate?

The truth is, it’s 100 seconds to midnight. Let’s celebrate!
 »le roy est mort, vive le roy!« 

Wish you all the best, A.N.E.

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