… and Death, I summon you. (Over and over and out)


Contemplated my own death Pt. I

I cut the wrist down the alley — ‘cause remember:

It‘s not across the tainted road.

And I fail the rivers of red, no! I am not dead!

And I wish I‘d meet Death, my beauty — let‘s 

Have one final word to resolve the puzzle.

Contemplated my own death Pt. II

I lean over the bridge‘s banister — ‘cause be ensured:

The abyss is deep, the fall is joyous.

And I fail to jump! Oh! I should have known!

And I reckon I am too dumb to die, why won‘t the night —

Absorb me and make me meet you, my love…

Contemplated my own death Pt. III

I put the noose around my neck — but remember:

Set the knot under the jaw to the left.

And I fall asleep and I fail the faces of blue. Again!

And I awake from a puzzling sleep, oh Morpheus —

Let me meet your sister, We need to talk.

Contemplating my own death Pt. IV

I watch the train part the rain — but don‘t forget:

The trauma to the poor conductor.

And I know that can‘t be done, undone, alas!

And I refrain from the thought, and the deed —

My, come sweet scythe and cut me astray.

Contemplating my own death Pt. V

I browse the net for things you don‘t get — but, yeah:

As if you‘d be sent those barbiturates.

And I loathe the Idea of being ripped off, once more!

And I just order because there‘s only money to lose —

Why, death can‘t you kiss me for free?

Contemplating my own death Pt. VI

I must buy the chain, the link to the spark — for I know:

Some ten thousand volts will do the trick.

And I, I, I don‘t know — at least it‘s outdoors? C‘mon!

And I hope and I wish and I contemplate —

Rock me, dearest death, come spasm mine.

Contemplation of my own death Pt. VII

There is nothing to it, whatever you do — be assured:

She won‘t come for free, so just light a fag.

And I smoke, I inhale and digest… what for?

And I know I will meet her on time —

Sweet Death I await your gentle touch…


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I am insane.

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