On incels, feminism, misogyny, political correctness, conspiracy theories, strong language and whatnot

Once again, this is an article where most people will think: why would he do that? It‘s just stupid. Yes it is. But I am insane, as you might already have observed.

But actually I am doing this right now, because it‘s in media nowadays. And what is being reproduced in media often times pisses me somewhat off, so…

Plus, I need to make a stand on my form of incelcism, feminism, misogyny, political correctness and conspiracy theories because you will observe me being one of those aforementioned loonies or heroes.

So I am basically a guy who believes language ought to be descriptive and not compulsory prescriptive. Meaning that language should be used to describe what is, what reality looks like, not to explain people what they have to say or what they are not allowed to say or making assumptions on messages, disregarding any context. What we actually are subject to right now is thoughtcrime as in Orwell‘s „1984“, what we are subject to is newspeak, meaning prescriptive language and language that is rife with euphemism.

So we are living in times where language has become very prescriptive, where words are being reframed and affected with new meanings. Sometimes words seem to be so diffuse, that you actually cannot use them w/o making clear what you are actually talking about.

Like feminism. Today feminism contains a whole spectrum of meanings ranging from princessism to radical feminism fighting against anything connoted with traditional imagery of womanhood, although we only use the term feminism as if it was a concrete term. If you don‘t know it by now, I consider myself to be a radical feminist. I hate conservatism, traditionalism, religiocy and right wing bullshit. I believe no woman should be forced to have to live up to certain expectations, nor should any human being be forced to.

As Ibsen put it, when he was asked: Are you a feminist? — he pointed out that misconception, saying he was not a feminist, that he only showed what‘s actually going on, going wrong, feminism was, to him, the very womens‘ business, emphasizing that this is something mothers have to achieve on their own.

Now, I, as Verena Brunschweiger, am absolutely convinced that true feminism and motherhood cannot go together. You can either be a feminist or a mother. You can never be both. That’s my opinion, deriving from that, as a woman, you will very likely be forced into role-models of mother/womanhood, even if you thought you had already rid you of that. Corona-times in particular have shown this.

So as it may dawn to you right now, upon me talking about a naturalist, to me the description of reality is of utmost importance. Only when depicting reality in an accurate way, in an eye-opening way, can we achieve change. In this context I am going to cite one more, very important philosopher: Wittgenstein, from his tractatus logico philosophicus:

„1. The world is everything that is the case.

2. What is the case (a fact) is the existence of states of affairs.“

I will almost come to an end to my thoughts on feminism, because I have more important business. Not only are there so called feminists around that promote nothing less than business as usual regarding women, asking for cosmetics only on the subject, promoting motherhood and other bullshit that cannot work any other way than it always did, because of, on my bill, biological reasons. This leads to what I believe to be „toxic feminism“, or princessism, meaning that women profit from men doing absolutely everything and women enjoying everything. It won‘t work that way, although I can somewhat sympathize with this, because why wouldn’t women try what men have enjoyed for millenia. If women want to change something they NEED to deny giving birth. Only through this kind of extortion will they become empowered enough; only by gaining control over their reproductive organs can they make a change. Once they become mothers, they‘re going to be fucked. You cannot be a mother and cry for women’s rights (because you’re disregarding children’s rights). Because what you do is to reproduce what is already there, therefor preventing it from going away. It‘s absolutely irresponsible to accuse men to be responsible for everything. Men will never become women. If you want a change, go make a change.

In my articles, stories, poems and books I will often times come across like a misogynist. That‘s because I am both a feminist and misogynist. Yes, reality is that complex. That‘s because there is a difference between what I wish what should be reality and what is reality.

Most women, like 6,66% (a deliberately created number be me) are just trash breeding machines. Well, they couldn’t achieve this w/o 66,6% of men being trash breeders, too. For example, I am calling myself an omega male, really having been unaware of the fact that red pillers and mgtows would use this term, simply because I am an anti-natalist, I am pro death, I love death, I despise vitality exhibitionism and I am pro vhemnt. Most women don‘t approve of losers who are anti-life, anti-success, anti-marriage, anti-family, anti-birth. They don’t approve. That‘s why in a red pillers‘ sense I am in fact an omega male. No flesh to be fucked.

I am also a MGHOW because I am fed up with all of this. I don’t want none of that. Go fuck your family BS. Go fuck your nations. Finding a WGHOW is a near impossibility, because of society’s brainwashing industry.

But I don’t care any more, anyway. In my 38 years on this planet I had three relationships, lasting for 3.5, 1.5 and 3 years. Whenever I was investing big time into a relationship, I’d be dumped by that woman. The one time I dumped my second girlfriend, it was because we were way too similar, yet me suffering from my parents not getting divorced and her’s getting divorced – and we both had mental issues of our own. I am nonetheless sorry for that break-up, because we, especially myself, could have probably been doing better.

I have now been w/o a relationship for more than four years, it always takes me years to get over a relationship. But now I have completely given up on that.

Don’t get me wrong. I do enjoy relationships and I do see benefits to having more than one relationship in your life, because every human being on this planet has to offer their own view on things and that expands one’s horizon. On the other hand, traditional relations that last a lifetime must on my bill lead to mental and intellectual stagnation.

Really, I don’t think that I deserved a relationship. Why would I. But I also have the right to be fed up.

Oh yeah. Mansplaining and man-spreading. Have you ever observed mothers talking to their male offspring or their husbands as if they were dogs? And man-spreading to me is breeding.

Back to all those incels, red-pillers and mgotws. In media those people are being framed to be criminal idiots. I do understand where this comes from, because some of it really is nonsense. But this is the reason why I would cite Wittgenstein. It is a reality and it has its roots in reality. You can’t just say they were imbecile idiots. Of course, claiming that men made this beautiful world with all its achievements is utter BS. Not only because it indirectly states that men therefore were the very reason why this world is so fucked up (which is true to some extent, at least for me), no it also disregards the very achievements of great women like Marie Curie (for even more see: http://www.takepart.com/article/2015/06/14/10-female-inventors-you-need-to-know/) – so that’s just bullshit.

Also, it disregards the problems patriarchy poses and posed for women, belittling them, incarcerating them and so on. When those people wish they could go back to their conservative traditionalist hegemony of Xy, what they would actually receive is pretty much the status quo, yet, maybe a little more comforting to them, because they’ll be just told that Adam is the hottest invention ever.

But, and here’s my but: the alpha male, and the beta male, or “Chad and Stacey” – as they call it have their sources in reality. Often times women would claim that’s BS, but as true as it is that women can more easily observe what’s wrong with male paradigms, the same goes for men observing the behavior of women. I mean look at Mattel’s products. These are determining little girls very early on in life. Look at Hollywood. Look at advertisement industry. This is imagery that is in fact being reproduced over and over again.

What I want to say it it’s just not helpful to accuse men that actually criticize something that’s going wrong, although they draw the wrong conclusions, on my bill.

It has sadly become a common practice to be prejudicial towards other people instead of being open minded and to just talk to them.

There has also, in the recent years, come a term that I find ridiculous: Feminist Warfare. I mean, seriously. Feminist Warfare is warfare that cares for women and children – because apparently they are most affected. Apart from the fact that it’s men who are being wasted on frontlines, being brainwashed to become soldiers for glory, truth and freedom – can we agree on that war is never, under any circumstances the way to go. I just get vomiting fits when hearing about Feminist Warfare.

Coming back to 1984. Nowadays there are a lot of false equations around that are toxic to free speech, the freedom of thought and developing one’s own opinion. This is done to frame people and to exclude them from public discourse. All that matters is political correctness. If you are politically incorrect, the following will apply:

One equation goes like this: Antisemitism equals Culturalism equals Racism equals Sexism equals Aluminium-hatting equals Anti-vaccination.

That’s the political correct one pot. It is true that the mechanisms of those are similar. Absolutely. But that you hate for example women, doesn’t necessarily mean you hate Jews. And I also don’t see why hating Jews would make you more prone to conspiracy theories in general.

So what also pisses me off is that good old truth dictatorship, or fact brainfucking. On this planet there are 7.7 billion individual realities and therefore 7.7 billion truths. Plus, all of this times trillion because of the people gone and the people to come. We may agree on certain things, we do have conventions – but we also disagree and that’s perfectly fine. I do not understand why it would be okay for some people to claim there was a theistic god, meddling with humans as he pleases, whilst it is not okay to doubt the narrative of 9/11.

Because that’s the one conspiracy-theory I would adhere to. My reasons are the following: In WWI the German Empire was looking for a reason to wage war. They found it very quickly. Before WWII Hitler, who robbed the Germans’ bank accounts and had no more other choice left to cover up his idiocy than war, forged the attack of Poland on the Reich. On the other side of the puddle, Eisenhower was looking for a reason to wage war and found it in Pearl Harbor (as far as I know, the Japanese would inform the USA about the incoming attack, but for some mysterious reasons this piece of information never made it anywhere in time).

Now if you remember the oil industry douchebag George W. Bush Jr. from before 9/11 – he was a public joke, hogging wood in Camp David, making ridiculous statements as quickly as Donald Trump’s twitter account. Then suddenly 9/11 came across and he became the strong great man everybody had been asking for.

If you remember the imbecile reasons for the Iraq-war, like trucks and aluminum pipes, you probably get the joke by now.

So what is very important regarding warmongering is that you need reasons that convince the public that war is the best option.

I find it very unlikely that the USA didn’t know anything about Al Qaida’s plans. When captured in Sudan in the late 1990s, Bill Clinton, although Osama bin Laden was responsible for attacks on US embassies, didn’t want him extradited. Strange. Since Edward Snowden and Julian Assange we know that there is pretty much nothing American intelligence agencies don’t know, although this was after 9/11, that’s true.

So there are statics experts saying so, and others saying so. It’s a fact that the World Trade Centers’ Towers collapsed – but I just doubt it was the biggest surprise event ever. And just think about what happened after that. All Europeans instantly became terrorists, from that event onwards we have to have our fingerprints and biometrical data on passports, surveillance increased and so on and all because of 9/11.

Even if this event went the way it is political correct to say it did, the results of this are extremely worrying and unlawful on my bill. But people would accept it because of 9/11.

So this is where I am outing me to being a conspiracy theorist. I am not against vaccination for as long as it’s because people are convinced what a great achievement vaccination is and not because they are forced to.

I have absolutely no problem with Jews. I love diversity, I am super interested in different cultures, I love pluralism and federalism. I constantly make a stand for the equality of all humans on this planet.

Lastly I must comment on my use of strong language and the fact that I sometimes even use racist language. When I do this, I do it for reasons of style, because I want to express something distinct. I do carefully choose which words I am using when. Often times I want to emphasize a certain state of mind, or opinions other people have. Now I could, of course, use other words circumventing the use of certain words only to express the same. So why would I do that. I could do that, yes, yes, I can use language creatively and I often do. But to some extent it would just be pointless. If anyone feels offended by what I write, he just should let me know, and if he or she has good reasons, I might change something.

Anyways, carpe diem et noctem, A.N.E.

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I am insane.

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