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So finally “Kinderlos, Sie Arschloch!” is available to a wider audience. This little article is on why I wrote it and what it is about, as well as general information about the book.

So I wrote this book over several years, mainly from 2019 to 2020, but the first entry ever would have been “Kinder: Liebe Zukunft, böses Erwachen! – Children: Happy future, sobering reality!”, dating back to 2017, when I saw a billboard outside my apartment that was just stupid, so I changed it. From then on, more and more little pieces would add up, leading to the forty or so pages of the “new call for breeders”.

When creating the book I would add the poem from 2017, that appeared on Easter 2017 under the picture “Happy Easter fuckers, and don’t forget NOT to breed!”, and its unchanged title “Vom unbedarften Brüten – on careless breeding” on my former, lost blog.

Now, as you may have noticed, it’s mainly in German – and I definitely won’t translate it, because it’s basically a poetry slam, and lots of its sense and content would just get lost in translation. The good news is, however – that it is also written in a lot of languages: German, English, Norwegian, Latin, French, Hungarian, and I seriously don’t know which other languages I might have used!

Also, I simply believe that most people are probably educated enough. For example, lots of Norwegians and Hungarians are fluent in German! Lots of Britons would learn German in school or just take the French from Alsace. So I really don’t see why I would translate any of it.

This book is for anyone who can make sense of it. Who cannot, won’t anyways.

So as I already informed you I am a vhemnt Anti-Natalist. This is because We are way too many people on this planet and we need to reduce humanity by, on my bill, at least 95% if we want to come anywhere close to the whole of humanity surviving. Because we are killing our planet, our habitat. If we go on breeding like rabbits, all of humanity will perish eventually.

I don’t have children, of course. But that doesn’t suffice. So this book is my wake-up call for mindless breeders.

I use a lot of sarcasm, cynicism, just pieces of information, racist terminology, allegations, neologisms and whatnot to make my point clear.

Now, If you are a breeder, it’s very likely that you will feel offended by this book. But that’s only because you are dumb as fuck, anyways. I couldn’t care less. I hate breeders, sorry for that. This is basically also a collection of excuses breeders would use to defend their brainless use of their genitals.

Like my mother, breeders often don’t even get the joke, although I explain things like I was talking to retards. When I, for example deconstruct the naturality of breeding, I do it in a very easy to understand way. My mother hasn’t gotten the joke until now. One day, when she again, after numerous times, she saying this and I deconstructing it, that breeding was just a natural thing to do, I’d try to explain it this way: Have you ever seen a tree pulling a condom over its blossoms? She denied even to understand this one.

Oh, yeah – I forgot. There have been two editions so far. The February Edition and the April Edition. First edition shows a warning sign from a lighter on the cover, the second edition shows Evard Munch’s “Lekende barn i Åsgårdstrand”.

I would send both editions to various publishers, but of course, nobody would want to publish it. If you read the first edition, the second edition has 10 pages more, this online edition has, again 1,5 pages more than the second.

Anyways, have fun reading ‘Childless, asshole!’

Greetings, A.N.E.

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I am insane.

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