Kinderlos, Sie Arschloch! Teil 3/5 Thinking about some real issues

Thinking about some real issues,

or the misanthrope’s confession:

©MMXVII Agimar N. Edelgranberget

The worst people in this world are the breeders. What do i mean by that? To me a breeder is anyone who deliberately has children. Now why exactly are they bad people?

First of all, any breeder will tell you that, (No! I’m not talking about accidental pregnancies or rape! Listen!)* that he WANTs or always WANTed children. I, I, I want, want, WANT. They don’t care about their children at first. They simply try to feed the demon inside (sure, sometimes the pressure comes from outside of them:). They either think they were programmed or determined to breed or they just think that they deserve to have children, may it even be because they need their bare labor force.

Then, AFTER they shat their offspring into the paradise, they usually get a nagging conscience: Suddenly, the world seems not to be such a nice place at all or any more. Schools are bad, nobody cares for Jesus anymore, drugs, crime, sex, whatever. So they start complaining, (ab)using their children to enforce their crazy worldview.

They breed, those straight, social-darwinist normalists, have f.e. (we know it’s all genetics:) happy, gay children, but start to accuse the jews, the moon or the beavers. Virtually NO homosexual has ever bred homosexuals. That is, because they are homosexual. That’s the definition of homosexuality: a preference. You don’t become gay by watching two people of the same gender kissing each other in kindergarden. There are no gay germs.

A friggin’ retard in school doesn’t turn your child into a criminally insane idiot. If ever they become idiots, then it’s because they learned that at home. If ever they become drug addicts, outcasts, eremites – it’s because they abused them at home, be it physically or mentally.

So everything that could possibly harm their precious children, real threat or randomly made up, immediately becomes their enemy: Must be ex-ter-mi-na-ted.

What a wonderful world for a breeder: What a paradise, let’s start hatching our eggs right here, right away!

How often had they been drunk, smoked weed, had groupsex, sported, worked, did whatever crazy connoted thing – to the extreme? But, beware: hear ye, hear ye, can anyone think about the children? I don’t want my children to… ??? – Do… what… err… I did. Or, you know – had to do or go through…

Or worse, they had been totally brainwashed or fanatic followers of whatever nowadays mainstream trend. Lured and locked into a world someone else had created for them in order to exploit their naivety. Of course they, in return, are lucky enough to excuse themselves, to get rid of all that sticky responsibility.

Starting from an economic point of view, there is one more problem. While the net worth of a single human being used to be, let’s say 1\1,000,000 for that purpose, by constantly inflating humanity it’s as of now 1\7,000,000,000 – effectively turning them into disposable junk. That is why the breeders actively search for that ‘human junk’ (or in their words: ni**ers, fa**ots, whi**ers, jews, muslims, retards, parasites, refugees,… you’ve heard it all before), simply because they can’t imagine to stop breeding for themselves – they’d rather unearth the tomahawk. (By the way: no regrets; breeders know very well that resources are limited even if they say it was not the point.)

And the wheel of time goes on, and on and on. But nothing ever changes. Why? Because of all those breeders.

* I swear it wasn’t meant to happen. But now it looks like the only morally immaculate way for humanity to proceed, to be true and honest, was to get raped or accidentally pregnant (i’d suggest getting as drugged as possible or to develop a nymphomaniacal lifestyle, irresponsibility would be the key thing 😉 ). What a messy state this world is in. Sigh.

Alas, you are not responsible for being in this world. But you are responsible for what you are doing, or whom or what you support. Having children is a crime. The arch and original sin.

Have a guess, who are the best breeders? Who owns the sunny spots? Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most scrupulous of them all.

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I am insane.

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