Nature’s refuge

[The picture above shows my hideaway lodging]

Today I went out of the woods back into civilization to wash some clothing. Thus having access to a power outlet I thought I might as well write a bit.

I went to the Albertina Modern “The Beginning” – which exhibits Austrian works of art from 1945 to 1980. If you ever happen to travel to Vienna, I’d highly recommend you visiting that place.

I was especially happy about seeing some work of Helnwein, because I never made it to any exhibitions of his art. Also, there are some works of Ernst Fuchs, one of my most beloved Artists (apart from Munch). Apart from that there is a whole lot of really crazy art, that I really enjoyed big time. There is a good deal of modern art to which I simply cannot relate to (a red piece of canvas or some violently nonsensical splattering of colors, which any child can effortlessly reproduce, has nothing to to with art to me – but that’s my opinion). There is, and that I found especially amazing, also a lot of women’s works – and great ones at that, as well as feminist art.

Just let you get inspired by a homeless art-geek 🙂

Last year, when I became homeless, quite willingly though, because I had monthly costs of 1000€, including rent, electricity, internet and health insurance – and then I hadn’t eaten, yet, I found me a nice place in the woods near Vienna – I haven’t been working for two years now, so I need to reduce my expenses to a minimum. The picture below shows that installment. 

You know, I don’t need much to live, actually, and I am quite happy to be alone and on my own again. I spent the winter and corona times at my mother’s – but that didn’t go very well, obviously.

So now I am back in nature and quite happy about that. I am reading a lot, like Adorno’s “minima moralia”, also a nice book by Gord Hill “the Antifa comic book”, and I do have even more to read. Oh, yeah and I can only highly recommend Patricia MacCormack’s “The ahuman manifesto”. The birds are singing all day long, sometimes even the entire night, it’s just super romantic.

Also I finally managed to read Knut Hamsun’s “Sult”, albeit as an graphic novel – which I can identify with, also it’s very inspiring to me. One day I’ll manage to read the original.

Oh and the reason why I cover up my tent is twofold. First of all, there is no allmennsrett in Austria, so camping in the wild is forbidden. If you feel inspired by what I am doing, then know this: NEVER POLLUTE. Always take your shit with you! Just leave the place as if you never had been there, for others to enjoy.

The second reason of course, is that I don’t wanna get robbed whilst away. One more tip: as a homeless person: never close your sleeping bag in case you’re attacked or set on fire. I just use two: one for lying upon, one as cover.

I also want to make a stand for Goal Zero’s Nomad 13 solar panel. It’s very inexpensive, yet an awesome power source to possess. I have been using it for two years and regarding it’s size and weight it does a great job. Right now, there isn’t enough sun to use it, but as soon as the sun’s out again i’ll use it. If you want to go a little more independent, I can highly recommend it to you. I believe of you choose an even bigger size, you can even claim more of sun’s energy. But for traveling the N13 suffices quite well. It’s a bit time consuming, if you may want to fully load an Ipad – it might take you two days or so of 4-5 hours of exposing it to the sun, but anyways, great thing to have. 

I really don’t know what the future brings, I don’t even care. To being free again is of utmost value to me.

Luckily I also have two very good friends of mine here in vienna that I got to know during my studies here, of which one is the most positive nihilist I ever met. He’s very good company and helps me out a lot. So special thanks to him. The other one isn’t there right now, sadly because he’s very good company, too and a true metalhead.

The one thing that really fucks me up though, is that I have like 14m3 of stuff in a storage unit here and no plan whatsoever what to do with all of that. It surely won’t fit in a tent.

Washing’s done and so am I for now, 

regards, A.N.E.

PS: This one thought came to my mind upon reading Adorno: Romantik ist die sublimierte Trostlosigkeit welche Schönheit und Hoffnungsfülle einer Natur dort verkaufen will, wo sie doch aber längst ausgerottet worden ist…

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