Ballade zéro


Some people’s work remains unfinished – like mine…

To rot intrinsically, to be diminished,

But who can say that wasn’t fine?

Some peoples lives are just in vain –

like the baby’s death upon being born,

Or a canvas to be torn in disdain…

Some people have to live in burning pain

and that’s about the only thing they gain…

The shortest and the longest life

are nothing but a pointless strife.

Only one feeble heartbeat away

lies the detour leading us astray –

Or is that your needle shining in the hay?

The gruesome linearity of time is not forgiving any error –

and in the mirror’s limelight frowns a face in terror….

Redemption is the equalizing gift of death,

Lifting the veil of health, property and breath.

Zero is a perfect circle, two hemispheres embracing

both the loser’s and the hero’s endless chasing:

It’s going up, it’s going down,

Marching forth and stepping back,

Dispersing and coagulating,

Being filled to then be poured,

Vaccinated and then killed,

Houses built to soon collapse,

Sarcophagi withering away,

Echoes that never make it through the snowfall,

Knowledge gained to be be forgotten…

Rights are granted to be cut.

But that’s life, right?


Veröffentlicht von Agimar N. Edelgranberget

I am insane.

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