On Determinism

You know – it just had to come to this. I know, determinism has been completely out of fashion for quite a while now. Some even claim determinism has been proven to be wrong. Anyway, I am insane, so wtf do I care.

This article is strictly about me conceiving fate. If you are interested in what other, way more intelligent people have to say about this, go ax Prof Dr Google.

Although there are numerous different starting points leading to the same result, and a whole lot of people have been thinking about determinism before, I’d say my greatest influences are H.H. Jæger, as well as Nietzsche, who was quite deterministic on my bill.

What evs. So the ones who already know me, may have learned so far that I am a connoisseur of the common conundrum, the paradox and the oxymoronic. I could stop here. But that’s not gonna happen, obviously.

What does determinism mean? In a nutshell that circumstances are preset to happen in a specific way. This may vary from loose paradigms, say stochastic to absolute inevitabilities.

Again, what I am talking about now is all about my own perception. My individual reality. You may find that stupid. That’s ok. I might misinterpret everything completely. I am insane.

So what I believe is that the future is already cast in stone. I came to this conclusion, because the past is. The past is absolutely inevitable. In retrospective, the past always looks perfectly logical. It looks like a logical chain of events. Of course, nobody can fully oversee all those tiny bits and bites. But we all know that the past can be no other way than it has been.

There is furthermore absolutely no logical reason why time or chains of events could not also happen the other way around, in the other direction. It would still be perfectly logical. See Benjamin Button. You could die, become old, and younger and younger until you’d be born. And then you’d be as dead as you were before you died, right?

What I also find puzzling, is reality. Especially regarding it’s theoretical capacity. Why on earth, for example, did the people of the antiquity not have steam engines? It’s not that they had been lacking any sort of knowledge, resources, tools or materials. It just doesn’t make sense. To go even farther: “inventions” appear to be highly circumstantial. They seem completely random. You don’t believe me? So why haven’t you been inventing tomorrow’s crazy shit being so McGyverish any ape could have had the idea?

Now you could argue the following: It’s because some genius had the idea, idiot!

I have had a lot of “ideas” in my life. And although some of them came across like a dialectical synthesis of other thoughts, never ever had I been in control. Ideas are like death. The strike from the shadows, the fog. Did you know, for example, that although we know how our brain looks like, how synapses work, where what happens, feelings and so on, hormones, etc and even our genome: nobody knows how that actually works. What makes up ourselves. Our mind. Our soul. How our brain is organizing itself.

[and to be the lunatic asshole I am, I have got the following question to you: imagine, some time in the future, we know how all this, how everything works – what would you assume would be the result? I’d assume it’s as paradox as it is now: it becomes increasingly impossible to say what is AI, algorithms or real humans who deal with you, me or issues]

What I am saying is the following: Future does already exist. There is nothing such as “free will” or “accident”. Wittgenstein said, our “free will” derived from the fact that we didn’t know the future. What that implies is that it only appears to be free because we don’t know our future. To put it in other words, while reading a book, before turning the next page, you might ponder on the plot. Was it the gardener? Had I written the book, the Nazi would have been “the good guy”. Once you turned the page and read on, the story unfolds. Inevitably.

For those reasons I am absolutely sure that every human on this planet has his future foreshadowing into their present. Have you heard of the term “self fulfilling prophecy”? Those are quite determining , right? How come? Is it really “because the power of one’s mind”? That would be absurd on the grounds that your body and soul don’t make up the universe, they’re part of it.

Anyways. Some people know very early what “they want”. I assume that’s because their fate already casts a shadow (or a light?) on their lives. Perfectly logical, starting from their death, it floats towards them.

Copyright, patents. Bullshit. No single human being has ever achieved anything on their own. I appreciate China highly regarding their confucian approach there. Authorship is bullshit. It doesn’t even make sense. The only sense it makes, is that it has to be this way, because the future dictates it.

Another idea: Isn’t the visionary or the schizophrenic just funny because they perceive what other’s don’t? Look, isn’t the one who proclaimed a hundred years ago he’d be watched or surveilled from the sky, or the one who hears voices or thinks he’d be poisoned in perfectly healthy condition by nowadays facts? We ARE being surveilled, we hear voices out of thin air, and we are, for a fact, being poisoned all the fuckin’ time.

I also had to find out the following. There is a common misconception regarding our Universe. God wasn’t in the beginning, regarding our planet. He’s in the end. He’s the singularity. When AI is all. Apocalypse was therefore in the beginning. It’s just a Matter of future and past colliding. In “Das Eerste Buch Lydia” I would describe this as a stalactite and a stalagmite constantly trying to join its ends. Although picture it 4-dimensional. Memes don’t always hit us from the past, but also the future.

In ancient culture of Scandinavia, this phenomenon was personified by Urd, Verdandi and Skuld. Past, present and the future, weaving. There is also Hel – neither dead nor alive; Janus with the Romans – who looks both forwards and backwards; there is Ananke with the Greeks – goddess of compulsion.

I am sure, that you have noticed how watery time is. It passes by constantly. The present is, when you live in the past and the future at the same time. Since the past is inseparable, the future must be, too.

Another actually very real side of determinism is the very reality we live in. For example our sex [although we can meddle with our gender today (and in societies of old, at times)], the times we live in, where we were born, our genes… We can change none of that.

Don’t you find states or laws as puzzling as I do? That’s shit from the past, right. But very, very real +- although none of it makes sense. They are “just there”. Did you ever notice the socio~political totalitarianism we all have to endure right now and even tomorrow and the day after, and why? Why that? Cuz yesterday…. Nonsense is my greatest argument proving a deterministic point.

In Calvinism the term “manifest destiny” existed. What I would recommend to you, to everybody who now is frightened by what I wrote: force your destiny. With all your might. If you fail, great, that was meant to happen. But by “testing” your future, you’ll find out what your fate is. I for example, at the age of sixteen, knew I’d die by my own hands. I try to walk that path with dignity.

Anyway, I do not suppose determinism is about foreseeability. Often times, there are just more factors involved than we can anticipate or measure.

That was all I had to write for how. Carpe diem & noctem, A.N.E.

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I am insane.

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