Announcement 2021/1

I am extremely happy to inform you, upon this early stage of the new year (/🤮), about the founding of “Die Neue Wiener Sezession” (The New Viennese Secession), whose motto is: Vermehrt Hässliches! (Spread Ugliness!)

We are a collective of artists (Feminists, Naturalists, Anarchists, Satanists, Metalheads and whatnots) who live in Exile from St. Pölten and Stuttgart, Austria/North Austria [or to put it in the famous words of Lebanon Hanover: “Really small towns are the catastrophe…”]. In this context I am proud to be able to feature a new writer/author to this site, Julian Dreisler, who will be part of this page in the upcoming days, most likely in the beginning of February.

Stay tuned, carpe diem & noctem, A.N.E.

Veröffentlicht von Agimar N. Edelgranberget

I am insane.

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