On Euthanasia

Reprint “From taboo to human right” by L. A. Minelli — Review by A.N.E.

Sooooooo, finally, yesterday I have received my copy of Ludwig A. Minelli‘s informative plea for the human right of suicide. This, because I am a member of Dignitas Germany, an association for the enforcement of wilful, humanitarian, suicide and, also, suicide prevention.

FYI: This plea was first published in: Nürnberg, 2020, Aufklärung und Kritik Nr. 3 + 4, Hrg.: GKP.


To my review:

This booklet in my hands is a plea for civil rights. It’s a plea for human rights. It‘s a plea for the liberty of the free, informed decision of any human being on this planet.

It is a plea in the name of Humanism.

What this article does, and does it quite well, is inform the reader about the historical background that a) lead to the slurring and prohibition, as well as b) the fight for the right of suicide.

While dealing with this, we learn about the philosophical (to me, Christianity has nothing to do with Philosophy, though, but with idiocy…) and juridical dispositions, diachronically in time, up to the present day.

Its starting point is last year’s decisive jurisdiction of the German Supreme Court (i.e. Bundesverfassungsgericht), declaring §217 StgB to be invalid, thus forcing legislation to deliver a new law regulating (allowing) Euthanasia. So far, Jens Spahn, Ministry of Health (or what I call him: Secretary of Hygiene) as well as his party of retarded conservatives, prevented or actively refused to abide to laws. To regard our constitutional organs. It is, on its own, incredible and illicit at the same time.

And guess who‘s meddling with human rights once again? The churches, those cults of imbeciles.

In the beginning of last year I wrote a Short Story about infamous Jens Spahn „Das Märchen von kleinen Jörg, der ein großer Jörg wurde.“ [see: https://edelgranberget.com/2020/04/22/example-post-2/]

Ludwig A. Minelli closes the case with the Antisemite, Sexist, Anti-people-with-special-needs Martin fuckin‘ (may he rot in hell and be raped by demons) Luther and his wording, his framing of sui-cide to being self-murder („Selbstmord“) and the task to rid us of this lunacy and reconsider our usage of language.



There are columns of information about the Swiss way. Why, because Dignitas (and L. A. Minelli) is of Swiss origin, a sister of Exit International (whose yearly updated book „The peaceful Pill Handbook“ I can only recommend to anyone!). While informative! It‘s basically N/A and, on my bill nationalistic to do this (I am an Anarchist, so…)

I don‘t really understand what happened to Seneca. How the fuck can you talk about Euthanasia/Suicide and leave a vacant chair for him behind. Don‘t get this.

Even more so, I don‘t understand what happened to Hermann Burger, a Swiss writer (1984: „tractatus logico suicidalis“) who isn’t being mentioned either.

Nonetheless, if you can get a copy of this: highly recommended.


Actual occasion:

As a matter of fact, I am „insane“, as you know. I am making fun of this, by just repeating what they want to hear: I am insane.

I am NOT insane. I just want to die. Why? Because my parents were oblivious of birth control, and ethically brainwashed regarding the possibility of abortion. Until this very day, to-day, actually — my mother doesn’t get it.

I am, right now! in the same Psychiatric Hospital I had ben last year for almost three months. Guess why. Because I want to die, and that‘s „insane“ (sic!).

What Ludwig A. Minelli achieved with his article is dealing with that issue in a constructive way.

German Policymakers have announced they (finally) want to pass a bill and have a law before the elections taking place in fall. Already they made clear they want to exempt mental ill people from receiving Euthanasia. So picture this: who wants to die (except for deliberately „valid“ reasons) is mentally ill. [my educated guess/fear is that the churches and conservatives will pass an unconstitutional bill, as to impede civil rights. It‘s not that they give a darn fuck about civil rights, anyway…]

The Propagandashow released an article on this subject a few days ago (coincidence??? It‘s the usual framing taking place… [see: https://www.tagesschau.de/inland/sterbehilfe-211.html])



As soon as there is a law regulating Euthanasia, I am going to make use of it. You bet! I will keep you informed, regarding the process. It. Is. My. Birthright.

I have been uttering my wish to die 3 times already (in relevant places), the day after the Supreme Court‘s verdict, in Company of my General Practitioner (who doesn’t want to assist me), in fall last year in Psychiatry, where I also made sure it‘d be documented, as well as just before I came back here again and I will reassure my wish to die upon being released on Thursday next week.

And you know what? I gave the nurses L. A. Minelli‘s essential plea for them to make a qualified decision for themselves, saying: „in the future you won’t meet people like me terribly often. People who want to die. Go read this.“

Carpe diem & noctem! — A.N.E. (From his Hospital Bed)

Veröffentlicht von Agimar N. Edelgranberget

I am insane.

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