Reborn but reborn into the same body, same times, yet into a different place…

So, guys. Plot twist. As a matter of fact I am no longer homeless. I am still doomed though and I still want to die. But at least I will have a decent time dying 😏.

Since last year’s spring I have been trying to buy me a hut. Please note that my homelessness happened as voluntarily as mental illnesses can be. I am still not poor, I’m making my money off of stock, something I as a leftist am not overly happy about.

Anyway, I got me the hut for a bargain, way less than other people spend on cars. I can’t complain. It’s great.

I can retreat from society here. It’s off in the woods. I will grow most of my food here (at least that’s the plan).

There is a lot of work to be done, of course. So this blog will get a little bit of a twist. I’ll keep y’all updated.

Wish you all the best. I am, at last experiencing something like “happiness”.

Carpe diem & noctem, A.N.E.

P.S.: Some pictures 🙂 Article picture is the view into the valley from the balcony of my hut 🙂

Me hut
Me hut 2
Me hut 3

P.P.S.: Unfortunately, because for some inexplicable reason I cannot add authors, my fellow Neue Wiener Secession writers won’t show up until I got this fixed. Got like 6 tickets already and no solution. 😭

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