Ab Samstag

Starting from Saturday April 3rd new laws against „hate speech“ are in place in Nazimany

Since our whole apparatus is right wing since the Kaiserreich, peaking in the IIIrd Reich and then going submarine after ‘45 I’ll bet my white Thschörman Cock, that other than planned (fighting right wing h8 speech) it’ll like always play out censoring and incriminating the left.

Our Apparatschiks are Nazis, like.

So what I’ll do in order to prove my point and make a stand for total Antifaschism I’ll share hatespeech against Nazis!


I’ll be indicted, but like I give a fuck. Nazis are humans too. Only that we breed them deliberately in Tschörmeni. Wtf.

Looky, looky.
Not yet a crime
Just to make a point clear. Oh, look, the Hanns Martin S. Hall in Stuttgart. Da f. Da RAF!

Kill Nazis!

Carpe Diem, Noctem & Nazis, A.N.E.

Veröffentlicht von Agimar N. Edelgranberget

I am insane.

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