Optimistic venture-nihilism: a mindset for the 21st century

The mind of the venture capitalist is a mind of constant growth. Speculation and investment are his tools, same as an optimistic mindset and a „trained eye for growth“.

The venture capitalist is a capitalist of power, he is always pushing the limits of capitalist borders, the patience and need of consumers and the ego of his protégés. He invests where there is only little and reaps as the harvest is in full bloom. A true adventurer, a entrepreneur, a contributer to the big picture of an consumer culture that helps to individualize and better the world. Well, that is the picture modern day media paints. A hero of capitalism.

Of course mistakes happen. Of course sometimes there is no return of investment. Of course some sly individuals open the honeypot too soon, to rip out their crucial share. Of course sometimes speculation leaves only a void of hopes and dreams and the bitter aftertaste of unfair treatment in a hierarchie of money. But that is the world for you. No fairness, no big dream, just survival of the fittest.

Well, beside the fact that i would heartily disagree with the concept of „a good consumer is a happy consumer“, this particular kind of falsification of the concepts of evolution and any suspicion of altruistic motives in a venture capitalists mindset (watch shark tank for that), you can quite frankly say, in our day and age a venture capitalist has a quite proliferating role in our economic system.

Why shouldn’t nihilism have that too. Why not create venture nihilism as a concept of a nihilism that hopes and proliferates?

The concept is actually quite easy. Imagine a perception of nihilism, as something breaking down societal values and hopes, that leaves only an individual perception of reality. This, at first, sounds dangerous and destructive to an cooperative societal effort, leaves the thought of maximised individual gain and power in focus and a notion of destabilization and greed in our minds. But nothing could be further from an actual truth.

Nihilism, in crass contrast to zynisism, which perceives the world as flawed, describes a system of no believes. A perception of reality and it’s reproduction, cannot be fair or unfair in a nihilistic viewpoint, it just is. That also counteracts the problem of greed and crass acumulation of power in individuals. If there is no meaning, no unfairness and no point to sourcing and protecting material wealth, then that leaves only the most basic of human needs. The needs, we, as by our biology dictated, feel the storngest are the basic needs of any organic life, sustenance, reproduction, self preservation and, because we are apparently a highly social animal, loving and trustfull connection in a social group. So we want to actually be social, create worth, in the context of pleasurable hormonal reactions other individuals have in association with us. These positive associations help us to form bonds that build social and emotional security. A retractionor or reduction of these bonds, leaves therefore physical and mental discomfort and destabilizes the individual. So we try to do good upon others, so that we can feel secure.

Now, because society is not just our group of loved ones, we also cooperate and interact with individuals that are far outside, even our wildest mental imagination. Often they live lifes we don’t even suspect. Of course we know that there was a labourer involved in buildingour phone, but did we ever see him/her smile? Heard the calm, soothing words she/he said when somebody close to her/him was sad? Can we imagine what the favourite meal of a person is that gives advice to politicians, creating new legislative shaping also our personal way of living in the process?

Simply said no.

But do we want to live in the knowledge, that we hurt a person. Were unfair, in a socio-biologicaly human perception of the word, to somebody we don’t have any stake in?

Fascinatingly psychological and socio-biological research reveals that actualy, no, we hardly ever do we want others to suffer in any way. Despite divergence instatus, culture and social group, as long as a person hasn’t given up on society or is indoctrinated in a culture of crass othering and demeaning (racism, sexism, clasissm, nationalism, etc.), can we expect human beings at least trying to be a positive influence for others, even outside their scope. Of course complexity and size of societal networks, same as the danger that teaching self- and world-reflection poses for cultures and systems of individualy accumulated power, hinder the ability of the individual to perceive the output of actions he/she undertakes.

Still homo sapiens can be educated in the capability to realize those interconnections and a healthy benefit, not only for the individual, but also for society as a whole can be expected as result.

So why, if this is the logical output of nihilism shouldn’t it also go „venture“. Why shouldn’t we speculate on the positive and prolifant outcome a nihilistic, individualizing attitude has on a certain set of cooperative effort? Why shouldn’t „believing in nothing and be only yourself“ not be something that is celebrated for envisioning and creating growth, if not in a capitalistic sense, then at least in a social. Why shouldn’t we preach the realization that all, even the self, is meaningless and the only thing we can rely on is ourour own perception and interaction with the world and along those lines our deep, wanting for social wellbeing. Of course in a nihilistic viewpoint we would also, in any social position, be free to act upon our own interest.Sadly our longings don’t seem to be easily solved with material or economic satisfaction and above average success. So venture out of the bubble and invest your nihilism to watch processes and individuals develop and bloom! And don’t forget that the fruits of that venture, a caring and enabling social environment, are the possibility of a resillient and deep rooted social and mental wellbeing for the individual, yourself included.

Critics might say that this system of thought is per se not nihilistic. And they are absolutely right. It derives meaning from nihilism, that in itself is a paradox of concept. True nihilism would also not accept the concept of empirical sciences as a interpretative basis on the account that every man made observation is inherently flawed and meaningless. Further real nihilism would quite likely not even be written, because any form of communication and partaking in a world of either chaos or determinism is meaningless. Even ceasing to exist is not nihilistic but entropic, for it is willing action to do so and has meaning to the individual and its surroundings. So there is only one way to put it bluntly.

There is no and was no real nihilism ever. Nihilism is a Paradox outside of cognitive human understanding and can be, for that matter, widely interpreted by a human mind. So the small particle of believe in empiric science, that was used in this text, can actually help to envision a meaninglessnes that actualy creates a temporal meaning.

So fuck everybody who does not smile at least a little bit about the possibility of having loving people arround you and knowing of giving people you don’t even know the basis of the same kind of warmth!

I am talking especially to you, you brainwashed cynic cunt! Take a moment to go into your bloody head and remember the last time you were held. As a kid, as a lover, as a friend. Remember the warmth and maybe awkward calm you felt. If you can not, then you are a victim of violence and are in desperate need of help for your own fucking wellbeing.

So imagine a world where people believe nothing and on that basis help.

You. Each other. Shitheads that are on the other side of the planet. Not because they must, but because it feels the best to them. Well, go out and educate, invest, sow or whatever else you growth-desperate fucks want to call it!

Be a venture-nihilist! Invest now!

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