Breeder Myths — facts and fiction tiktok rants

Pt. I

Myth: Breeders claim it was „ok“, „good“, „no problem“, „natural“ or „normal“ to procreate.

Fact: No, it‘s not.

• First of all; everything humans do is not natural by definition. We define being human as hovering above nature. Hence humans procreating is not „natural“, it‘s at best transnatural.

• Secondly; Breeding is not ok. In fact it is disturbing the dead while procreating, b/c the unborn are denizens of DEATH and therefore happy as can be. Furthermore, having given birth it is a concerted act of murder, because it is a fact that the offspring will die because of the acts of their procreators. Hence procreation is a CRIME

• Procreation is neither normal, nor ok. Immediately after birth and even before that, children are subject to law and a highly structured world designed by slave traders. There is no escape. Only because you have been brainwashed into believing it was no big deal doesn’t mean it is ok to get your offspring brainwashed.

Pt. II

Myth: It is my own choice, I decide what I do with my body, it’s no-one else’s biz.

Fact: No, it’s not.

• First of all most people are lured into procreation either by their bodily chemistry and/or social norms and expectations. While it obviously is a determined choice, it’s probably not entirely their own. Not having children is a genuine decision, though.

• Secondly procreation has a lot to do with possessive cravings and/or dominating people you at first don’t even know shit about. While before procreation; it absolutely is your eggs and semen, after that it is no more. For women it lasts until the symbiotic phase is over, but eventually your offspring no longer is “your body”, thus your choice affects other ppls bodies.

• Since humans are sociable animals your children immediately become other people‘s bizniz, even if that shouldn’t be the case. Mind you: children should be seen and not heard.


Myth: life is a gift, it‘s selfish not to have children or altruistic to have them and how can you make use of other people while not procreating yourself.

Fact: Oh hell no.

• If life were a gift indeed, you could return it for a refund and become a supernova instead. Or a black hole. Life is nothing but an ordeal and suicide is hardly supported.

• It‘s altruistic to have children. How people come to this conclusion is a mystery to me, because they don’t realize they’re obviously missing a crucial link in their chain of procreation phantasies. In fact, breeding is a psychopathic act of sheer narcissism honing the idea to reproduce oneself for the awesomness of oneself. Plus, as mentioned before, it‘s a possession issue.

• How can you use other people‘s services but be against procreation? Well nobody was asked If they want to be born, part of the predicament of life as a zoon politikon is to have to use other ppls services. The dead, on the other hand…

P.S.: Oh, and this making of video got banned by tiktok for „violating community rules…“

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