Little update on recent events

Sorry ppl,

I haven’t been busy on my blog lately. It’s not that there’s nothing to say, I was just a little mute, writing wise – how’d you call that? Fingerfucked?

Anyways. So last year started awesome-ish with me dropping out into the Woods and Wilderness of reclusive and rural neverland of backwoods Saxony-Anhalt.

I moved into that little hut of 30m2 and a 310m2 property – fresh from psychiatry, pumped with meds and eagerly inspired, looking forward and enjoying my weird approach of life.

I even got a girlfriend at some point, despite my general eremite spirit, I was growing my own food, but also looming were problems, some dormant stuff, some depressive saturnalia, the sheer fact that my funds are being slowly drained into nothingness. I got ripped off on the plumbing that was rotten.

Winter was cold. Then my birthday approached and I got so fucked up and pissed, cut me open, and ended up in psychiatry again. I’d stay there until late April.

ONCE OUT, acid took over my inner dwellings. I have been stoning on first 1V-LSD and now 1D-LSD. It’s great. I’m so inspired and I am doing a lot of Art.

In may I began growing my Kali Mist.

She took off over the summer and I had even more reason to stick around. I wasn’t out in Months, apart from my weekly grocery hauls.

That for itself is a thing: it’s a 10km hike there and return, packed with like 15 kilos of stuff. So I avoid that.

Now my Kali Mist is in full bloom, I am still painting a lot but since my green Goddess kicks me roundhouse – I will start on my fourth book this winter.

I’m open about my plant, because on my bill, the problem with illegal behavior is that it’s public. Since nobody reads what I write and no police is where I live…. It’s no risk.

It’ll be my last resort. My last attempt to make it a as a writer. I can do it, I’ll try. My other sidehustle will be my art shit – maybe I can make a buck there at some point.

And If none of this works I’ll go back to Vienna, give this a shot and if I fail??

I’ll have me have the time of my going down, hell yeah.

I’ll have a great winter. I got plenty of acid and weed.

How’re your plans?

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I am insane.

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