What the faq…?

Agimar N. Edelgranberget

About this infamous abomination of a blog…

Good night, my friends of darkness, obscurity and the occult.

This is basically the silly attempt, to reblog my former blog that has, for some inexplicable reason, gone missing. Be it because it got bombed, because the provider may not exist anymore – it were strange circumstances back then, or maybe I violated some laws of good taste, demeanor or piety.

Anyways, silly because whatever I do does never lead anywhere, jag är en född forlörare as they say in Sweden. 

I am, however, doing this FYI. For your pleasure, for the record, just to document my thoughts, my ideas and insanity.

I once believed, that my stuff would be more safe on the internet, away from any degrading devices or OSs – but, of course, regarding my last blog I know better now.

Read my stuff for as long as it lasts, because it WILL get lost, just as I will get lost at some point.

People are the enemy of free speech, they always were, they will always be. I know that a lot of haters will hate me, my work, just anything. Go piss off, mind your own business. 


For everybody else: Enjoy.

Now, for the question you have all been asking yourselves: what is this blog about, regarding it’s content?

It’s all about Death, Demise, Suicide, Depression, Hopelessness, Philosophy and basically just everything I am into.

The means of presenting the grotesque may differ. I constantly write poems, articles, comments, plays, essays, short stories for the most part, sometimes even entire books.

The languages I use to present the obscure may differ. I just love languages and their sapir-whorfical power of expressing different world views or standpoints of receiving reality. For the most part, I use the german language, secondly english, then norwegian, french and whatever else I find interesting.

That means you might not understand a single word. I couldn’t care less. I write for myself and all those who just happen to understand what I am talking about. 

It doesn’t matter anyways.

Everything will perish, eventually. We only have moments, some are more puzzling than others, others more annoying than expected and some are moments of bliss.

But nothing will ever change anything. Everything is the same good old bullshit without any meaning, it’s only purpose is to reappear again and again.

As on my last blog: Everything I write is subject to change. So will this introduction over time.

All pictures, if not stated otherwise are either drawn, painted or taken by myself.

Carpe diem et noctem,

Agimar N. Edelgranberget.

P.S.: As Always, I am not doing this for money. I hate Money, I don’t want it, I don’t care, whenever I can, I try do get rid of that corrupting bullshit on paper. I might, at some point, give you the opportunity to send me money if you absolutely want to. I will, however keep this page free of advertising. I HATE ads.

P.P.S.: Feel free to comment my stories. You can insult me, if you want – no problem, I don’t care. I want to encourage you to act like an adult, anyways. You can put death threats on me, I don’t mind, I actually want to die anyways. Just make sure it’s not just words, but deeds.

P.P.P.S.: I am radically pro free speech. However, If your comments content shit like “sublimate all juice”, “hail hit her”, “who’s sick? Kyle?” or expressions like that, I will set that right, verbally. Free speech is important. You can’t forbid opinions anyways. It’s important to talk about it.

P.P.P.P.S.: I am a real nowhere-man, so I’ll comment on some of my posts, to review them or to explain what they are about. Because I hate it to be misunderstood.

P.P.P.P.P.S.: I use strong language at times, sometimes unfair language. You can talk to me. If you have good arguments, why I should change something, let me know.

What is this? A joke?

Who is A.N.E? Well. If I only knew. The thing is, I could tell you so much about me and yet you‘d still know nothing about me. Because I only know so much about me.  Am I how old I am? I am 38. but then… who am I going to be?? Am I my…

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