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Breeder Myths — facts and fiction tiktok rants

Pt. I Myth: Breeders claim it was „ok“, „good“, „no problem“, „natural“ or „normal“ to procreate. Fact: No, it‘s not. • First of all; everything humans do is not natural by definition. We define being human as hovering above nature. Hence humans procreating is not „natural“, it‘s at best transnatural. • Secondly; Breeding is not„Breeder Myths — facts and fiction tiktok rants“ weiterlesen

Mal etwas zur Kunst…

Kunst ist innerhalb des gesellschaftlich anerkannten Rahmens nicht vorstellbar; will man also Kunstschaffender sein, so muss man sich zunächst von der Konvention befreien. Ist man frei von dem Rahmen — dann erst tut sich die Weite auf; das was man „Freigeist“ nennt. Man ist schlechterdings, dieses unsäglich nietzscheistische Adverb, gar nicht frei: man hat nur„Mal etwas zur Kunst…“ weiterlesen


Was kostet die Freiheit? In school, I learned that cars are a metaphor of freedom. Well. Freedom costs 150 €ct per liter and the future or your offspring.

Optimistic venture-nihilism: a mindset for the 21st century

The mind of the venture capitalist is a mind of constant growth. Speculation and investment are his tools, same as an optimistic mindset and a „trained eye for growth“. The venture capitalist is a capitalist of power, he is always pushing the limits of capitalist borders, the patience and need of consumers and the ego„Optimistic venture-nihilism: a mindset for the 21st century“ weiterlesen

Heute im Paunsdorf Center (trigger warning! [I mean – I got triggered… so…])

Ok, keine Ahnung, es war von Anfang an der Horror. Keine Peilung was es da umsonst gab. Im Kaufland im Paunsdorf Center. Wtf. Keinerlei Einlasskontrolle. Warum auch. Im Laden ist es trotz der Ladengröße die fast die gesamte Erdoberfläche einnimmt so brechend voll, dass man sich kaum bewegen kann. Ich lebe in einer Hütte im„Heute im Paunsdorf Center (trigger warning! [I mean – I got triggered… so…])“ weiterlesen

Why everything we feel and do is fucking love!

Man muss verstehen, dass zu leben kein Grundzustand ist.Entropie, damit Tod, ist der einzig tatsächliche universelle Zustand den wir attestieren können. Eine generalisierte Energielosigkeit, nicht nur unserer menschlichen Existenz, unterliegt dem gesamten messbaren Sein. Dieser Umstand definiert Dasein als Energie, ein in die wahrhafte Leere geworfener Funke, der die verworrenen Konstrukte des Erfassens und des„Why everything we feel and do is fucking love!“ weiterlesen


Sunlit clouds, at these end of days. Where there is no hope, there is no beginning, where there is hope, there is an end. Believe is beginning and end, so don’t gift it, keep it, grow it, and end.


My heart holds a dragon,Of incredible strength,Ripping and tearing,With teeth of cruel length, Deep in my soul,Breaking appart,What was holy and wholesome,Love at the start.


Life seems slipping, just not real,When time is full but emptiness we feel,Worlds are burning in the blink of an eye,Even a soul blind with passion must silently cry,For all endless beauties created and gone,For all that is lost as we create one solemn song, Forlorn and lost is not a single tear,No world that„Drifting“ weiterlesen

Ein Moment der Hoffnung

Zeitlos durch die Straßen,ohne Haus, ohne Garten,auf der Suche nach Platz,ohne Job ist das krass. Nerven liegen blank,keine Zukunft zum Dank.Man will wieder Leben,nur gerade eben: Die Realität,kaputt wie ein Gerät.Gott hat keine Zeit,kommt, wie immer, zu spätund geht alles so weiter,werde ich immer breiter.Frage nicht: wie lang?Sondern, ob ich noch kann. Vergesst nicht,die Welt„Ein Moment der Hoffnung“ weiterlesen

Ab Samstag

Starting from Saturday April 3rd new laws against „hate speech“ are in place in Nazimany Since our whole apparatus is right wing since the Kaiserreich, peaking in the IIIrd Reich and then going submarine after ‘45 I’ll bet my white Thschörman Cock, that other than planned (fighting right wing h8 speech) it’ll like always play„Ab Samstag“ weiterlesen

Neue Wiener Sezession… loading… Neue Wiener Sezession… loading… Neue Wiener Sezession… loading… Neue Wiener Sezession… loading… 66% done…

This is a small update on how things are running right now. First of all an incredible nihilist joined our posse. Keep your eyes open! Also I have gotten accustomed to my new surroundings quite well and even made a new really awesome friend. Maybe more about her later, b/c w/o her consent there’s no„Neue Wiener Sezession… loading… Neue Wiener Sezession… loading… Neue Wiener Sezession… loading… Neue Wiener Sezession… loading… 66% done…“ weiterlesen

Reborn but reborn into the same body, same times, yet into a different place…

So, guys. Plot twist. As a matter of fact I am no longer homeless. I am still doomed though and I still want to die. But at least I will have a decent time dying 😏. Since last year’s spring I have been trying to buy me a hut. Please note that my homelessness happened„Reborn but reborn into the same body, same times, yet into a different place…“ weiterlesen

Who’s sick, Kyle? (It’s Wahlkampf, baby)…

So erm. Also mein Tag war bisher äußerst erquicklich. Er begann mit einem tollen Gespräch. Danke dafür, sei an entsprechende Stelle, so diese das liest, gerichtet. Dann wurde es düster. Aus heiterem Himmel. Sehr düster. Verstehen Sie mich nicht falsch (vor allem des guten Gesprächs am Morgen wegen) — ich will nicht sagen das Kindern„Who’s sick, Kyle? (It’s Wahlkampf, baby)…“ weiterlesen

Siste nytt

Agimar N. Edelgranberg has gotten dementia. | He is on twitter. @edelgranberget Oh no. This can’t be good. This is the end of the world.

On Euthanasia

Reprint “From taboo to human right” by L. A. Minelli — Review by A.N.E. Sooooooo, finally, yesterday I have received my copy of Ludwig A. Minelli‘s informative plea for the human right of suicide. This, because I am a member of Dignitas Germany, an association for the enforcement of wilful, humanitarian, suicide and, also, suicide„On Euthanasia“ weiterlesen

Announcement 2021/1

I am extremely happy to inform you, upon this early stage of the new year (/🤮), about the founding of “Die Neue Wiener Sezession” (The New Viennese Secession), whose motto is: Vermehrt Hässliches! (Spread Ugliness!) We are a collective of artists (Feminists, Naturalists, Anarchists, Satanists, Metalheads and whatnots) who live in Exile from St. Pölten„Announcement 2021/1“ weiterlesen

Death Spiral…

© MMXX-I, A.N.E / Track „death spiral“ by A.N.E. No animals were harmed in this Video. In fact I saved the little bugger and set him into the grass. Due to my ignorance, I might have meddled with the little worm‘s suicide, in which case I‘m terribly sorry.

On Determinism

You know – it just had to come to this. I know, determinism has been completely out of fashion for quite a while now. Some even claim determinism has been proven to be wrong. Anyway, I am insane, so wtf do I care. This article is strictly about me conceiving fate. If you are interested„On Determinism“ weiterlesen

Kinderlos, Sie Arschloch, last update of 2020

Okay, my friends of brainlessness and stupidity. This year just begins, where the last one ended — with an update to „K, SA!“. What I also did, apart from adding about one page of even more brainless comments on children, is I reformatted the whole thing and reduced it to only four pages, while greatly„Kinderlos, Sie Arschloch, last update of 2020“ weiterlesen


© MMXIX A.N.E. [Ich habe hier mal ein paar Witze meinerseits rund um den Tod wiederentdeckt. Kein besonders lustiger Humor, wie ich finde, aber evtl. sieht das jemand anders anders. Viel Spaß damit. Ich habe ohnehin auch irgendwo noch eine ganze Reihe Scherzfragen und gags die ich evtl. auch mal noch aus dem Ärmel zaubere…]„Nekrojokes“ weiterlesen

Psychiatry mine, home of insanity.

So, lately I haven’t been very active on my blog, for multiple reasons. First of all I am lacking inspiration. Everything seems pointless to me, I am empty and instead of oxygen, my blood carries hopelessness. After having experienced another inappropriate meeting with a psychiatrist earlier this year, I vowed to never actively bring me„Psychiatry mine, home of insanity.“ weiterlesen

Ja, was macht man da eigentlich?

Entgegen aller meiner bisherigen Pläne und meiner Mutter zuliebe habe ich übermorgen nochmal einen Termin beim Psychiater. Ich habe null Hoffnung, dass daraus irgendwas erwächst, zumal ich vom Fach bin und weiß, wie der Hase läuft. Auf der eine Seite „sind Drogen keine Lösung“, Pillen dann überraschenderweise plötzlich schon. Wie auch immer. Diesmal werde ich„Ja, was macht man da eigentlich?“ weiterlesen

My current Situation, Instagram experiences and a general lack of confidence.

So… where do I start? Do I start with a man sitting on a railroad crossing at two ‘o clock in the morning? Probably not. My last weeks have been pretty desolate. I’m back to my fasting/binging habits, that just seem to suit my body. I mean this month I have eaten for 5 days,„My current Situation, Instagram experiences and a general lack of confidence.“ weiterlesen


Right now there is not much happening. Basically I am quite busy with Instagram, some platform, like Facebook, that I had been boycotting all my life for obvious reasons. It’s too easy to get lost there. Especially if you already are lost, like me. Anyways, what I am trying, of course, is to spread more„Dornröschen“ weiterlesen

Nature’s refuge

[The picture above shows my hideaway lodging] Today I went out of the woods back into civilization to wash some clothing. Thus having access to a power outlet I thought I might as well write a bit. I went to the Albertina Modern “The Beginning” – which exhibits Austrian works of art from 1945 to„Nature’s refuge“ weiterlesen

Das Ende der Vorstellung

© MMXVIII A.N.Edelgranberget Im Film Tampopo, einem Meisterwerk von Juzo Itami, stirbt am Ende ein Jakuza, sich den blutüberströmten Leib zusammenhaltend, gekleidet in einen weißen Anzug. Natürlich, Kenner des Genres wissen weshalb. Es regnet in Strömen. Seine Freundin oder Frau vielleicht, beweint pathetisch seinen sich ankündigenden Abgang. Natürlich, es muss dramatisch sein. Doch nun passiert„Das Ende der Vorstellung“ weiterlesen

On Depression and Pessimism

So this one will be different. Different, because I won’t tell you fairy tales of mainstream common sense. I will start with those, though – because we need to begin somewhere. So the common story goes like this: Depression is a malfunction of your brain. An imbalance of neurotransmitters. If you have ever in your„On Depression and Pessimism“ weiterlesen

On incels, feminism, misogyny, political correctness, conspiracy theories, strong language and whatnot

Once again, this is an article where most people will think: why would he do that? It‘s just stupid. Yes it is. But I am insane, as you might already have observed. But actually I am doing this right now, because it‘s in media nowadays. And what is being reproduced in media often times pisses„On incels, feminism, misogyny, political correctness, conspiracy theories, strong language and whatnot“ weiterlesen

Black lives [will] matter [some time in the near future]!

BLACK LIVES MATTER!* * an initiative by your global low wage sector, the association of white men struggling with high levels of aggression anonymous, the drug trafficking cartels, the slave traders’ union, the headquarters of prisbiz, the international trash traders’ gentlemen’s club and a whole bunch of other honest, worried citizens. P.S.: before you label„Black lives [will] matter [some time in the near future]!“ weiterlesen

New Menu

Good afternoon, as you might have noticed, there is a new menu “books”. So I am happy to announce that I finally’ve got hold on a copy of “Das Eerste Buch Lydia” – it paid off giving it away for free to friends and relatives (although, as always with my art projects, I also left„New Menu“ weiterlesen

On Antisemitism

You might ask yourself: Why would he do that? It‘s just incredibly stupid. Yes, it is. But, you know – I am doing this, because I’m an Atheist, and because I often times make fun of religions, also some of what I write or paint might make you think: what an Antisemite… So what I„On Antisemitism“ weiterlesen

Now as before? What should and what will happen after Corona

Before I go on posting my harmless stories and poems for the purpose of entertaining, I want to use my time in a more useful way — to create some unrest and disobedience. Corona times will go over. I don‘t know when, but I am not optimistic that it will be soon. The question is:„Now as before? What should and what will happen after Corona“ weiterlesen

I’m worried…

Although the picture above is old, very old, it depicts quite well how I am feeling right now. Because maybe I just sawed off the legs of the stool I’m sitting on. I got traffic on my site, that’s great and I’m happy about and thankful for that. A big “thank you” to everybody visiting„I’m worried…“ weiterlesen


Since I noticed that a lot of people from non-german-speaking countries visited my page, something I am somewhat intrigued by, this short note for all english speaking visitors. I beg you to forgive me. This site is a hell of a shitload of work, but I am working on it. I actually have got a lot„Announcement“ weiterlesen

Corona Delusion 21st Century

It has come that far: As of today, a facepiece is compulsory in Germany when visiting shops, entering trains and shit. Therefore I created the Anti-Coronator 3k, which, as a matter of fact does not only protect you from SARS CoV 2, but also idiocy. I was receiving some good laughs at the grocery store„Corona Delusion 21st Century“ weiterlesen

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