Death Spiral…

© MMXX-I, A.N.E / Track „death spiral“ by A.N.E. No animals were harmed in this Video. In fact I saved the little bugger and set him into the grass. Due to my ignorance, I might have meddled with the little worm‘s suicide, in which case I‘m terribly sorry.

Carrot cannot rot

© MMXX A.N.E. Sun is shining, moon does whatever copycats do.Cannot. Deadhead forgetmenot exhibits vanity.Cannot. Rusting cans are silently falling apart.Cannot. Capacities are developing still lives of opportunities.Cannot. Can not knots nag necks now?Cannot. Candles can give less light than stars long gone.Cannot. Yes, we can whatever we want to preserve.Can nod. Can Dolores take„Carrot cannot rot“ weiterlesen

Sylt, et øyeblikk.

© MMXX A.N.E. The times he lives in are different. Since not only pieces of art can be reproduced infinitely – but also human beings, too – the Surplus Alps can be seen from any place on earth. The times he lives in are times of excess. He is sitting on a bench at Zauderville„Sylt, et øyeblikk.“ weiterlesen

Of a strange perception, a midget stripper and a happy end

© MMXIX A.N.E. I‘m walking the heavens up to the hells, Silently casting shadows like spells, Thirstily sucking blue blood from catnipples – When, beneath me, the surface of a tear ripples… And behold the sun, the moon and a whole night sky in betwixt – Like something odd and twisted about my mind that„Of a strange perception, a midget stripper and a happy end“ weiterlesen

… [deliberately untitled]

© MMXVII Agimar N. Edelgranberget Ok. Now listen, this is what I heard: There was this group of people, somewhere in the countryside nearby. About a hundred of them, in the end. But it all started with that couple. Two lost souls, seekers, sensation collecting addicts, yet complementary enough to experience a deeper sense of„… [deliberately untitled]“ weiterlesen