© MMXXI A.N.E. Where Snowflakes silentlyFall onto ferruginous soilA Ginkgo Tree sprouts… I was so enthralled by y‘all‘s quick response and liking of my obnoxious haiku, that I made a blockbuster out of it! See: So this is the video tiktok apparently wouldn’t appreciate: because I am radically pro freedom of speech, I’ll show„Shitflakes“ weiterlesen

On Determinism

You know – it just had to come to this. I know, determinism has been completely out of fashion for quite a while now. Some even claim determinism has been proven to be wrong. Anyway, I am insane, so wtf do I care. This article is strictly about me conceiving fate. If you are interested„On Determinism“ weiterlesen

The tale of the Raven King and the adventures of his son

-eller-  Prinsessen, dronningen og det lille gamle fruentømmeret. © MMXVII Agimar N. Edelgranberget The story that I am going to tell you this time, is a very rare one. I myself was told it some years ago, when I was in Prague.  It was a rainy valpurgisnight and I was spending the time in a„The tale of the Raven King and the adventures of his son“ weiterlesen