The International Socialist Party

A Prophecy of Doom.© MMXXI A.N.E.Side A*static* … just hope those brats have no idea how to operate a tape recorder. If you’re listening to this, I‘m probably already dead, torn to pieces by this raging pack of juvenile rats. Where has culture gone? What happened to the glorious civilization our foremothers and -fathers fought„The International Socialist Party“ weiterlesen

Mal etwas zur Kunst…

Kunst ist innerhalb des gesellschaftlich anerkannten Rahmens nicht vorstellbar; will man also Kunstschaffender sein, so muss man sich zunächst von der Konvention befreien. Ist man frei von dem Rahmen — dann erst tut sich die Weite auf; das was man „Freigeist“ nennt. Man ist schlechterdings, dieses unsäglich nietzscheistische Adverb, gar nicht frei: man hat nur„Mal etwas zur Kunst…“ weiterlesen

Peace, Love, Security and a safe spot near the Fireplace.

© MMXXI A.N.E. Srrrrrrrrrr … fffffffffrrrr; thradta‘thirrrr — sirrrrr. Source=Stoneplate%0001&3:„•I/^vv•–¡¡I•^•vvw•^II!/•>v<^•^\_•>>^w•iI^||•^•“ … Source=Stoneplate%1101001&kr:„They Krimbath, fifteen carl from the forest we came. Thirty men theyz Thicket-Cave were slaughtered, the dozen uuomen Krimbathu his prize. All great Oaks Spirit its Victory, Thicket-Cave wez fireplace, long live, cyrcle be filfuled.“ … Source=Clay[¿?–%4:„The dawn of the third Moon, Superior Threshrak!,„Peace, Love, Security and a safe spot near the Fireplace.“ weiterlesen

Reborn but reborn into the same body, same times, yet into a different place…

So, guys. Plot twist. As a matter of fact I am no longer homeless. I am still doomed though and I still want to die. But at least I will have a decent time dying 😏. Since last year’s spring I have been trying to buy me a hut. Please note that my homelessness happened„Reborn but reborn into the same body, same times, yet into a different place…“ weiterlesen


© MMXXI A.N.E. Die Täterbevölkerung ist dummgestellt. Im Drohnenhagel ist die Nacht erhellt. Bomben sprießen aus dem Boden, Deutsche! Kommt aus euren Hoden! Wir reichen Drogen auf dem Löffel heiß… Weildenn das Deutsche Reich wird niemals greis… Wählen Sie jetzt Af(uckin‘)D — Erdbeerenschnell, jå eh.

Lying awake…

© 💤 A.N.EI have been turning over from the left to the right,I haven’t really been sleeping well tonight —It is as if I had been reading the same two blank pages in the book of life over and over again.Sun rose and thoughts are dripping like glueNow I am sleepwalking on unknown terrain…


© MMXXI A.N.E. Where Snowflakes silentlyFall onto ferruginous soilA Ginkgo Tree sprouts… I was so enthralled by y‘all‘s quick response and liking of my obnoxious haiku, that I made a blockbuster out of it! See: So this is the video tiktok apparently wouldn’t appreciate: because I am radically pro freedom of speech, I’ll show„Shitflakes“ weiterlesen

Death Spiral…

© MMXX-I, A.N.E / Track „death spiral“ by A.N.E. No animals were harmed in this Video. In fact I saved the little bugger and set him into the grass. Due to my ignorance, I might have meddled with the little worm‘s suicide, in which case I‘m terribly sorry.

On Determinism

You know – it just had to come to this. I know, determinism has been completely out of fashion for quite a while now. Some even claim determinism has been proven to be wrong. Anyway, I am insane, so wtf do I care. This article is strictly about me conceiving fate. If you are interested„On Determinism“ weiterlesen

The riddles of life… (ha, ha! hæ?)

© MMXX A.N.E. Life is, oh – a cruel adventure –It may be bliss, it can be rapture… Or none of that — a copycat? To find a place, to correctly sort oneself,And find a box you’re fully fitting in —Alas, so many coffins in that shelf,First the air’s too thick to breathe, then suddenly„The riddles of life… (ha, ha! hæ?)“ weiterlesen

Carrot cannot rot

© MMXX A.N.E. Sun is shining, moon does whatever copycats do.Cannot. Deadhead forgetmenot exhibits vanity.Cannot. Rusting cans are silently falling apart.Cannot. Capacities are developing still lives of opportunities.Cannot. Can not knots nag necks now?Cannot. Candles can give less light than stars long gone.Cannot. Yes, we can whatever we want to preserve.Can nod. Can Dolores take„Carrot cannot rot“ weiterlesen

Dis’ Order

© MMXX A.N.E. I once heard a murmur echoing from elder underground ruins. “Dite, te rogo qui infernales partes tenes…”, followed by a sharp hiss of moaning. So I stalked through the night, down a withered stairwell, overgrown by moss and blue scorpion grass. Following a pitch black hallway, I suddenly find myself close to„Dis’ Order“ weiterlesen

On Depression and Pessimism

So this one will be different. Different, because I won’t tell you fairy tales of mainstream common sense. I will start with those, though – because we need to begin somewhere. So the common story goes like this: Depression is a malfunction of your brain. An imbalance of neurotransmitters. If you have ever in your„On Depression and Pessimism“ weiterlesen

Beheaded home

© MMXVIII A.N.E Inhale the deadly air in one deep breath, the sun is fading and the pitchblack is High above… Spine has withered away — Bleaching pages… (Some feral beast devours a blazing torch) Falling petals — Eyes turn white… Down below: Silence in a dark Abyss, a candle burns For me, who sought„Beheaded home“ weiterlesen

Happy May 8th, everybody!

Yeah!, 75 years ago, WWII ended. Or did it? At least in Europe and Germany. Because one of the biggest lies, western-propaganda-wise, is that WWII had ever ended. As far as I know, it never did. There was peace in Europe again, that’s somewhat true. But war wouldn’t end, it just transformed into a swarm„Happy May 8th, everybody!“ weiterlesen

The tale of the Raven King and the adventures of his son

-eller-  Prinsessen, dronningen og det lille gamle fruentømmeret. © MMXVII Agimar N. Edelgranberget The story that I am going to tell you this time, is a very rare one. I myself was told it some years ago, when I was in Prague.  It was a rainy valpurgisnight and I was spending the time in a„The tale of the Raven King and the adventures of his son“ weiterlesen