The green Demon

or: primeval, medieval, ultimatevil… © MMXVIII A.N.E. – Somewhere in the woods in transylvania Hides a creep of old in a weathered coffin. A ghoul opens the lid on the brink of dusk Just to notice that his master is pale like ash. Master‘s calling for his daily breakfast routine He dreams of a virgin„The green Demon“ weiterlesen

… [deliberately untitled]

© MMXVII Agimar N. Edelgranberget Ok. Now listen, this is what I heard: There was this group of people, somewhere in the countryside nearby. About a hundred of them, in the end. But it all started with that couple. Two lost souls, seekers, sensation collecting addicts, yet complementary enough to experience a deeper sense of„… [deliberately untitled]“ weiterlesen