The International Socialist Party

A Prophecy of Doom.© MMXXI A.N.E.Side A*static* … just hope those brats have no idea how to operate a tape recorder. If you’re listening to this, I‘m probably already dead, torn to pieces by this raging pack of juvenile rats. Where has culture gone? What happened to the glorious civilization our foremothers and -fathers fought„The International Socialist Party“ weiterlesen

Happy May 8th, everybody!

Yeah!, 75 years ago, WWII ended. Or did it? At least in Europe and Germany. Because one of the biggest lies, western-propaganda-wise, is that WWII had ever ended. As far as I know, it never did. There was peace in Europe again, that’s somewhat true. But war wouldn’t end, it just transformed into a swarm„Happy May 8th, everybody!“ weiterlesen

Reflections on Corona Times

First of all, I want to emphasize, that we indeed still know very little about SARS CoV 2. After four months into the play. On my bill priority #1 should be to shed some light into that darkness. On the other hand we already have a lot of information accessible. I refrain from revealing any„Reflections on Corona Times“ weiterlesen