Täglich grüßt das Gruftitier

[ Bild: Twisted Mind, 2018] My inner voice screamseven still in my dreamsIts thoughts of deep grief,regrets and believes. Mental state of hate,never ending fate.My mind, in a cage,made out of my rage. Continuity,stuck in my body.It is the enemy,who tries to stop me. Frustration has come.There’s no place to run.I’m out of ideas,broken out“Täglich grüßt das Gruftitier” weiterlesen

Dream of a better world

HUMAN BEINGS are useless,too many of them live.World is becoming ruthless,takers have nothing to give.That’s life, that’s fair.Praising big playerswho don’t care. Killing Immigrants,marching militants.Politics are criminal,hate is subliminal.Silence during trials,records of denials. Clinging onto simple time,when families had no dime.The world was unplugged.You didn´t know who’s corrupt.Global problems like lies.Past justice of demise. Escape“Dream of a better world” weiterlesen