Mal etwas zur Kunst…

Kunst ist innerhalb des gesellschaftlich anerkannten Rahmens nicht vorstellbar; will man also Kunstschaffender sein, so muss man sich zunächst von der Konvention befreien. Ist man frei von dem Rahmen — dann erst tut sich die Weite auf; das was man „Freigeist“ nennt. Man ist schlechterdings, dieses unsäglich nietzscheistische Adverb, gar nicht frei: man hat nur„Mal etwas zur Kunst…“ weiterlesen

Optimistic venture-nihilism: a mindset for the 21st century

The mind of the venture capitalist is a mind of constant growth. Speculation and investment are his tools, same as an optimistic mindset and a „trained eye for growth“. The venture capitalist is a capitalist of power, he is always pushing the limits of capitalist borders, the patience and need of consumers and the ego„Optimistic venture-nihilism: a mindset for the 21st century“ weiterlesen

On Euthanasia

Reprint “From taboo to human right” by L. A. Minelli — Review by A.N.E. Sooooooo, finally, yesterday I have received my copy of Ludwig A. Minelli‘s informative plea for the human right of suicide. This, because I am a member of Dignitas Germany, an association for the enforcement of wilful, humanitarian, suicide and, also, suicide„On Euthanasia“ weiterlesen

The riddles of life… (ha, ha! hæ?)

© MMXX A.N.E. Life is, oh – a cruel adventure –It may be bliss, it can be rapture… Or none of that — a copycat? To find a place, to correctly sort oneself,And find a box you’re fully fitting in —Alas, so many coffins in that shelf,First the air’s too thick to breathe, then suddenly„The riddles of life… (ha, ha! hæ?)“ weiterlesen

A tale of cunning cunts and their shepherd

© MMXVII Agimar N. Edelgranberget Once upon a time in a huge kingdom far, far away, there was a high and wise King. But the king had gotten old, so in reality the kingdom was run by his three counsellors. The three counsellors ruined the land as they pleased, just because they could and nobody„A tale of cunning cunts and their shepherd“ weiterlesen