© MMXXI A.N.E. Where Snowflakes silentlyFall onto ferruginous soilA Ginkgo Tree sprouts… I was so enthralled by y‘all‘s quick response and liking of my obnoxious haiku, that I made a blockbuster out of it! See: So this is the video tiktok apparently wouldn’t appreciate: because I am radically pro freedom of speech, I’ll show„Shitflakes“ weiterlesen

Psychiatry mine, home of insanity.

So, lately I haven’t been very active on my blog, for multiple reasons. First of all I am lacking inspiration. Everything seems pointless to me, I am empty and instead of oxygen, my blood carries hopelessness. After having experienced another inappropriate meeting with a psychiatrist earlier this year, I vowed to never actively bring me„Psychiatry mine, home of insanity.“ weiterlesen

On mental “health”

Guys ‘n’ gals ‘n’ everything in between or beyond: It’s not a secret that I am mentally different myself. This is why I want to make a stand for my points of view on this subject. As always, these are my thoughts. They are but one truth amongst 7.7 billions of them. If you don’t„On mental “health”“ weiterlesen