On Euthanasia

Reprint “From taboo to human right” by L. A. Minelli — Review by A.N.E. Sooooooo, finally, yesterday I have received my copy of Ludwig A. Minelli‘s informative plea for the human right of suicide. This, because I am a member of Dignitas Germany, an association for the enforcement of wilful, humanitarian, suicide and, also, suicide„On Euthanasia“ weiterlesen

Carrot cannot rot

© MMXX A.N.E. Sun is shining, moon does whatever copycats do.Cannot. Deadhead forgetmenot exhibits vanity.Cannot. Rusting cans are silently falling apart.Cannot. Capacities are developing still lives of opportunities.Cannot. Can not knots nag necks now?Cannot. Candles can give less light than stars long gone.Cannot. Yes, we can whatever we want to preserve.Can nod. Can Dolores take„Carrot cannot rot“ weiterlesen

The Nine Edges of a Giant Black Star

© MMXVI A.N.E. I) I don’t want a grave in YOUR world for YOU to desecrate, I want to burn, evade as smoke. I am so many peoples fault. Now I’ll disperse into the air YOU all breathe, be the culprit of YOUR cancerous lungs. II) There is no need to prevent humans from taking„The Nine Edges of a Giant Black Star“ weiterlesen