Breeder myths — facts and fiction tiktok rants pt.II, and another banned making of… as well as a strange question.

This video got banned, too, again for adult and sexual content ^^ Last but least a question: If I‘d do Art prints of say Or Would anybody be willing to buy those? Plz comment.

Breeder Myths — facts and fiction tiktok rants

Pt. I Myth: Breeders claim it was „ok“, „good“, „no problem“, „natural“ or „normal“ to procreate. Fact: No, it‘s not. • First of all; everything humans do is not natural by definition. We define being human as hovering above nature. Hence humans procreating is not „natural“, it‘s at best transnatural. • Secondly; Breeding is not„Breeder Myths — facts and fiction tiktok rants“ weiterlesen